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Artech Realtors has been the front-runner in developing the city’s landscape, with several commercial and residential projects in Trivandrum, some of which has been happily handed over and the others in the pipeline.

New launch Artech L’attitude

Artech L’attitude

Sreekaryam | Trivandrum | 2 & 3 BHK Apartments

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New launch Artech Marvel

Artech Marvel

Pattom | Trivandrum | 2 & 3 BHK Apartments

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Ongoing Artech Panorama

Artech Panorama

Sasthamangalam | Trivandrum | 3 & 4 BHK Apartments

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Ongoing Artech Diamond Enclave

Artech Diamond Enclave

Vellayambalam | Trivandrum | 3 & 4 BHK Apartments

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Ongoing Artech Rainforest

Artech Rainforest

Jawahar Nagar | Trivandrum | 3 & 4 BHK Apartments

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Ongoing Artech Life Spaces

Artech Life Spaces

Near Infosys | Trivandrum | 2, 3 & 4 BHK Apartments

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The last couple of years have been trying times for real-estate market in the country. Kerala was also hit with the triple whammy of Demonetization, RERA, and GST. However, out of tough times, grit perseveres and that is where a leader stands out. Artech Realtors, the leaders in real estate market in Kerala, backed by a solid two decades experience and over 65 projects was one of the leading builders who went on delivering projects on time in Kerala.

The trust, commitment, and goodwill that Artech Realtors has built over the last two decades make the company one of the top builders to consider while investing in new apartments/flats in Trivandrum. Artech Realtors’ flats are situated in prime locations across the city and close to all the amenities and utilities Trivandrum can offer. The architecture of each of these flats is top notch and Artech Realtors believes in using best fittings for their apartments keeping your comforts in mind.

Each project has its own unique feature with the Artech Metropolis being the first child-friendly apartment project, the Artech Rainforest being the first ultra-luxurious forest-inspired green project. Artech Diamond Enclave, which is an ongoing project, when completed will redefine luxury living in the city. The architecture of this super luxury project is so unique that it will change the skyline of Trivandrum.

Artech Realtor’s ongoing projects in 1, 2, 3 and 4 BHK variants will offer the best of luxury at premium locations across the city. Artech Lifespaces, which is coming up near the Technopark will redefine leisure living close to the heart of Trivandrum.

The ready-to-move-in apartment Avantika situated at Vellayambalam, one of the prime locations in the city close to all the educational institutions and offices. Projects like Varsha, at Nalanchira close to educational institutions and Florenza at Pattom, close to hospitals will give you good returns on investment. And that is not all, at Artech Realtors, we believe in building happiness and sustaining that relationship forever. Our interior design team and the after-sale services follow-ups will be around for your every need even after we sign the sale deal.

Though Trivandrum is the capital of Kerala, it’s a comparatively smaller city than other major cities in Kerala and is still in a growing phase, both vertically, as well as horizontally. Eminent builders like Artech Realtors are a part of this expansion, having a multitude of apartment projects mushrooming all over the city. Some like the Artech Rainforest upon completion will be known as the greenest project in the city. Then we have Artech Metropolis which is the first child-friendly apartment project in the city. And if you are looking for a flat that’s a perfect blend of the contemporary and traditional, then head towards Artech Courtyard located in Ambalamukku. Today brand Artech is recognized for its innovation, quality, commitment towards customers, reliability, and excellence in architecture.

With Artech, there is a home here for everyone as they offer a variety of floor built-up sizes, varying number of BHKs along with different prices ranges to suit every size of pocket. They offer flats and apartments that come loaded with various luxurious amenities that will keep you glued to home-turf. At the end of the day, an Artech flat owner is a proud home-owner – as the brand name speaks for itself.

Stunningly beautiful, abundance in natural resources, a unique topography – Kerala is truly God’s Own Country in every sense. Kerala also boasts of high literacy rates and sex ratio, vibrant cultural diversity, a well developed tourism sector and ranks second in the Investment Climate Index as well. And Kerala’s capital city, Trivandrum, is growing by leaps and bounds every single day making it ideal to buy apartments and flats in this city. Investing in this pristine paradise has its benefits. Here’s a list

1.Peaceful living, guaranteed

If you are someone who enjoys a peaceful lifestyle, the capital city is the best place to settle down. Low crime rates and low levels of pollution work in favor of this city that is developing every single day.

2. More employment options

Established in 1990, Technopark, the IT hub of Trivandrum heralded a huge transformation. In addition to generating more employment options, it brought more IT, ITeS companies including industry bigwigs like Oracle, Infosys, and TCS to these shores. This led to a boom in the other related industries including housing and real estate with apartments being in demand.


With the advent of Technopark, Trivandrum started attracting global citizens. This lent a complete makeover to the sedentary lifestyle the city was used to till then. This in turn led to more social infrastructure to meet the demand of this growing population being set up. Flats have popped up in strategic locations and buying flats and apartments is a good investment option.

4.Social Infrastructures

Better, wider roads came to be. International schools and multi-specialty hospitals came to be. Shopping malls arrived. Trivandrum is in a rapid transformation phase right now. There is no corner of the city that is not getting a major facelift.

5.Connected to everywhere you want to go

Trivandrum is well connected by road, rail, air, and waterways to other parts of the world. Once the Vizhinjam port is commissioned, things will change drastically yet again. The Government is also considering developing the Light metro project which will add a major fillip to the commuting issues.

Trivandrum thus offers the ideal backdrop for you to invest in the future. The real estate prices are sure to surge in the years to come and give you a good ROI in the future making it the best investment for the future. With over two decades of expertise, Artech Realtors is one of the most trusted and reliable builders in Trivandrum. And what’s more, no other builder knows Trivandrum as Artech Realtors does. We have got prime luxury apartments in just about every part of this great city. Call us now and find an Artech Home in the location of your choice.

During the turn of the century, the most stylish areas to live in Trivandrum was among the Kowdiar – Vellayambalam belt. However, with the rapid development over the last two decades, Trivandrum has grown by leaps and bounds. And the areas nearby, namely Sasthamangalam, Nanthancode, Kuravankonam, and Ambalamukku saw a spurt in real estate developments. Luxury flats started popping up in these areas and most of it belonged to Artech Realtors based in Trivandrum. Over the years, the story and the landscape have changed. Artech Realtors has, to meet the growing demand for quality homes, come up with 37 new apartment complexes in various parts of the city. This is a feat that none of the other developers in Trivandrum can boast off.

From Mannanthala to Vizhinjam, from Kazhakuttom to Mudavanmugal, where ever you go, you will find a stylish and luxurious Artech Home dotting the area. Artech Lifespaces near Technopark in Kazhakuttom is touted as the ultimate leisure lifestyle home. Artech Diamond Enclave in Vellayambalam will redefine the concept of dream homes in the city. For people who love the greens and want an eco-friendly lifestyle, Artech Rainforest at Jawahar Nagar will be a dream come true. Artech Metropolis at Mannanthala is a child-friendly project. Artech Luxus at Sasthamangalam is a stylish home fit for the privileged few. Artech Courtyard in Ambalamukku is designed to keep the core Kerala aesthetics in mind.

With Artech, there is a home here for everyone as they offer a variety of floor built-up sizes, varying number of BHKs along with different price ranges to suit your budget. Artech Realtor’s ongoing projects in 1, 2, 3, and 4 BHK variants will offer the best of luxury at premium locations across the city. They offer flats and apartments that come loaded with various luxurious amenities that will keep you glued to home-turf. Today brand Artech is recognized for its innovation, quality, commitment towards customers, reliability, and excellence in architecture. At the end of the day, an Artech flat owner is a proud and happy home-owner – as the brand name speaks for itself.

Over the last two decades, the verdant capital city of Trivandrum has increasingly been more focused on vertical growth. Numerous multi-home towers have changed the city’s skyline, with more in the offing. A greater demand for apartments in Trivandrum is driving this trend for vertical homes. With more people wanting to buy flats in Trivandrum, builders like Artech Realtors have been a great part of this growth story.

As both parents are away at work most of the day, its more convenient living in an apartment, where there is the added advantage of 24×7 security. People also prefer to invest in apartments projects in Trivandrum as they come fully-loaded with a plethora of amenities to keep the whole family entertained and active. With easy access to kids’ playground, unisex gym, swimming pool, indoor games room, etc., you won’t need to step out again at the end of the day – after a long day away at work.

Strategic locations always play a key role when it comes to building a apartment project and Artech Realtors, one of the top builders in Trivandrum have perfectly architected homes in all prime areas of the city. Artech Realtors have established a reputation for themselves for delivering high-quality homes in a timely manner, and have forayed into other cities like Kollam, Thiruvealla, Kollam, Kottayam, Thrissur, etc. too, aside from Trivandrum. Over the last 29 years, Artech has built 10+ million sqft of high-quality spaces across a span of 70+ projects. For those aspiring to buy new flats for sale in Trivandrum, always opt for projects that have been built by the top builders in Kerala – such as Artech Realtors.

Artech Realtors have delightfully elegant flats in Trivandrum including projects such as the L’attitude at Sreekaryam, Marvel in Pattom, Panorama in Sasthamangalam, Metropolis in Mannanthala, Lifespaces near Infosys, Diamond Enclave in Vellayambalam, the Rainforest in Jawahar Nagar, etc. Artech Realtors have cemented their position among the top builders in Trivandrum by relentlessly pushing boundaries and creating homes that set the standard in excellence.

And to continue remaining among the top builders in Trivandrum, Artech not only provides luxury apartments in the heart of the city, but in well-connected peaceful locations in the suburbs too. So, if you are on the lookout for new apartments for sale in Trivandrum, make sure it’s an Artech home and assure yourself of a lifetime quality investment.

Trivandrum is one city that has had the rare honor of being a state capital since the days of the Maharajas. It has always enjoyed a peaceful demeanor, making it a magnet for those who want to settle down and invest in a home. For the past two decades or so, Trivandrum has been witnessing a lot of changes, with the development of the city changing to include more and more of stunning high-rise luxury apartments in Trivandrum.

The establishment of Technopark in Trivandrum, the country’s largest IT park, has led to many irrevocable changes in the city, affecting a number of industries, including the real estate industry. Artech Realtors, luxury builders in Trivandrum, have been a part of these changes and are major contributors towards the growth in vertical homes and some of the best super luxury apartments in Trivandrum.

Technopark has also been attracting global citizens into the city, waking up its sedentary lifestyle and bringing in a fresh change to the very fabric of the city. The social infrastructure of the city has been undergoing a sea change with multiplexes, shopping malls and global retailers setting up shop in the city. This has also meant that the new awoke population of the city is no longer satisfied with standard homes, but desires only the best premium flats in Trivandrum.

They desire flats that are located in well-connected areas with safe neighborhoods, representing the ideal BHK variants for their family needs. These awoke homebuyers also want homes that come fully-loaded with next-gen lifestyle amenities that have something to keep the entire family engaged and active. And that’s why they are only on the lookout for the best apartments for sale in Trivandrum. Artech Realtors, one of the best luxury builders in Trivandrum, have a number of delightfully luxurious flats in the city to choose from.

These include the Artech Rainforest apartments in Jawahar Nagar, Artech Marvel in Pattom, Artech L’attitude in Sreekaryam, Artech Panorama in Sasthamangalam, Metropolis in Mannanthala, Lifespaces near Infosys, Diamond Enclave in Vellayambalam, etc. Offering elevated lifestyles, these luxury apartments in Trivandrum represent the epitome of contemporary luxury, where timeless elegance meets modern sophistication. Each Artech project is a marvel of opulence and high-end finishes, where there is a perfect balance between style and functionality. For those on the lookout for luxury flats for sale in Trivandrum, make sure you choose an Artech home!

An important feature to consider when buying homes is the number of bedrooms it comes with. Afterall, there isn’t much point in buying a 4BHK when you have a small family and need just a 2BHK. Which is why experienced builders like Artech Realtors thoughtfully design their projects to include variants such as 2/3/4 BHK flats in Trivandrum. This ensures that there is a home for every family size in the project.

Flats by Artech are the epitome in contemporary luxury, with each unit, whether it’s a 2/3/4BHK notwithstanding, coming with high-end fittings and finishings and a magnificent façade to strike the perfect balance between style and functionality. All Artech 2/3/4 BHK luxury apartments in Trivandrum exude chic and modern designs where timeless elegance meets modern sophistication. If you are more interested in 2 or 3 BHK apartments, have a look at Artech Marvel in Pattom, Artech L’attitude in Sreekaryam, Artech Metropolis in Mannanthala, Artech Lifespaces near Infosys, etc. Those interested in 4BHK apartments have choices such as the magnificent Artech Rainforest in Jawahar Nagar, Artech Panorama in Sasthamangalam or the riveting Artech Diamond Enclave in Vellayambalam. For those interested, Artech Realtors have a number of 2/3/4 BHK apartments/flats for sale in Trivandrum for every family size.

If you are looking to settle down in a peaceful city where crime rates and pollution are low and career opportunities and infrastructure are on the better side, then Trivandrum is the city you should be looking at. Replete with prestigious educational institutions, multispecialty hospitals, shopping malls and dreamy beaches, Trivandrum also enjoys excellent connectivity via good roads, rail, air and even waterways.

Not surprisingly, there is a steadily rising demand for flats in Trivandrum and top-notch builders like Artech Realtors have a number of elegant ready to move flats/apartments for sale in Trivandrum. These stylish apartments exude pure sophistication, heightened style and contemporary luxury. They provide a seamless blend of modern and classic elements, with each apartment having high-end fittings and finishings for that perfect balance between style and functionality.

If you are looking out for apartments in Trivandrum that are stylish in design, are strategically located and come with luxurious amenities that elevate your lifestyle, then look for an Artech home!

What are the benefits of buying an apartment from a reputed builder in Trivandrum?

What you get by buying your home from a reputed builder are excellent quality of construction, better amenities, transparent pricing, higher resale value and transparent transaction. Opting for a well-established builder also ensures you get assured timely delivery, legal compliance, better financing choices with the top banks or NBFCs, etc.

Which is the leading real estate builder in Trivandrum?

Having been in the business since 1994, and having the experience of building over 10 million sqft of iconic spaces across 70+ projects, easily makes Artech Realtors one of the leading builders in Trivandrum. With a mission to build happiness, Artech Realtors have succeeded in making 5000 happy customers happy!

What are the best methods of finding a reliable builder in Trivandrum?

Your home has to last you a lifetime, which is why you need a reliable builder. You should first read reviews and research on the background of the builder, then check out the previous projects by the builder. Verify their credentials, license and registration too, and finally, follow your instincts!


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