Flats in Trivandrum

Strategic locations

The leaders in building happy homes for over 23 years Artech Realtors has over 36 projects in Trivandrum. Location, budget, and accessibility are the key elements that make our flats in Trivandrum top notch.

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Life Spaces

Apartments adjoining Infosys Trivandrum

Elegant living spaces planned such that they get integrated with the community leisure spaces in a cohesive manner with abundant landscape features!

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Luxury apartments at T.B Road
2 BHK Apartments in Thrissur3 BHK Flats in ThrissurOngoingResidentialThrissur

Artech Realtors, the pioneers of luxury apartments in South Kerala, has embarked on their most luxurious premium project in Thrissur – Artech Gateway.

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Unique Greenery infused apartment architecture
3 BHK Flats in TrivandrumOngoingTrivandrum

An unrivalled slew of facilities and 4 layout options of spacious & contemporary 3BHK apartments to choose from

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Marriott Hotel & Service Apartments

ARTECH WAVES is a new concept which redefines luxury living by the sea & is the first of its kind in South India. 

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Be the Leader


We believe all our customers are leaders. We are committed to create homes for these leaders. We innovate. We plan meticulously to bring future into the present. We create homes that inspire. We create homes that are worth aspiring for. We treat our customers as leaders. And in turn, they trust us the leader who creates homes with a vision. We believe the world will be a better place to live in with good leaders.


10,000,000Square Feet



Best Services

Decades of experience has taught us the importance of meticulous planning, using the finest materials, offering plush interiors, Eco-friendly innovative architecture, timely deliveries and after-sale facility management services.

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Best Locations

You will find that every Artech home is set in premium locations that only add to its investment value, grandeur and prestige. The prestigious home addresses will amp up your style quotient too.

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Building Happiness

All Artech apartments are designed by a customer-centric team that relies on the visions and ideas of their customers and transforms it into dream homes that brim with happiness!

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Customer testimonials

Dr.Parvathy Nair Artech Meenakshi

Quality of construction is what made Artech special for me.

Dr.Shambu Artech Meenakshi

Artech matched by demands for a superb city living.

Dinesh Chandran Lake Castle, Kollam

I feel so at home here in Artech

Nagendran Lake Palace, Kollam

I loved the ambiance.

Harish Futura

Artech apartments are environmentally sensitive.

Ruth George

Associating with Artech was a great experience right from the enquiry phase till the agreement. Artech Builders shares a true spirit of integrity which enhanced our confidence to mould our dream home into a reality. Special thanks to Rino(Marketing Manager) and Lekha(Assistant Manager- Customer Relations) for their prompt guidance always!!

The Brand Story

Prime Locations

Apartments in Trivandrum

Being the state political capital, an educational hub as well as home to Kerala’s largest and rapidly-expanding IT hub, Artech has realized the growth potential of Trivandrum as a prime spot for real estate investment. Artech builders in Trivandrum offer a number of lavish and eye-popping apartment projects located in classy niche areas to inspire you.

Apartments in Thrissur

The city built around the base of a 65-acre hillock is steeped in rich cultural and spiritual history. Aside from being known as the cultural hub of Kerala, Thrissur is also known as a major business center. Artech offers Thrissur, one of its finest creations to-date, the Artech Gateway, featuring exclusive lifestyle apartments.

Apartments in Kollam

Located on the banks of the scenic Ashtamudi Lake, this ancient city dating back to the biblical times, has a strong commercial reputation. The verdant beauty of this city also attracts many people to set-up homes here. As flats in Kollam are in great demand, Artech Realtors have a number of luxurious projects offering superior homes with amazing blue vistas to its residents.

Apartments in Kottayam

Kottayam has always been at the forefront for education and literacy. Aside from this, it’s a peaceful town that thrives on commerce. Artech Realtors have given Kottayam their first taste of high-end luxury living with Artech Rio. The unending views of the surrounding greenery, the meandering river and outstanding amenities makes life in these classy apartments one-of-a-kind.

Apartments in Thiruvalla

Thiruvalla, which has earned the moniker the ‘Land of the NRIs’ is situated on the banks of the Pamba and Manimala rivers. With a paucity of suitable homes for the cream of the society, there was a glaring need for luxury flats in Thiruvalla. The blissful Artech Kaazhcha apartments offer an inspiring mix of high-end comfort and luxury.

Latest updates from Artech's apartment projects

Keep track of Artech's new, upcoming, and ready to occupy residential projects all across Kerala, including apartments for sale in Trivandrum, Kollam, Kottayam, Thrissur and other major cities in Kerala. Buy your flat from the top builder and developer in Kerala and get happiness in return!

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Malayalis are one of the most enterprising communities in the world. They are spread across the globe and more than 90 percent of this population cherish the dream of having a happy home back in Kerala. This is why there is a year on year increment in real estate investment in Kerala.

Trivandrum, the capital city is evolving – and rapidly. In the last three decades, the city has seen a sharp increase in high rise buildings. Artech Realtors has been the leaders to craft this new skyline in the city. The 1, 2, 3 and 4 BHK variants in over two dozen completed flats and over 4800 happy families are the backbone of Artech Realtors today.

Strategic locations are the key, and you will be surprised to see that Artech Realtors has a flat in almost all the key areas. Think of any key location in the city and there will be an Artech apartment complex nearby. Artech Realtors has come up with conveniently sized luxury 2 & 3 BHK flats in Trivandrum paired up with numerous practical amenities and are available for sale for the smart people who know where it’s best to invest in homes.

After cementing the base in Trivandrum, Artech has slowly spread its wings and is introducing other cities to luxury homes that are a class apart.

Artech Realtors has a couple of projects in Kollam, Thiruvalla, Kottayam, and Thrissur. The three ongoing projects at Kollam are all strategically located. The same is the case with the projects in Thiruvalla, Kottayam, and Thrissur.

What makes Kaazcha, Artech’s 2 and 3 BHK apartment at Thiruvalla unique is the fact that it has amenities that are of great support to elderly people. This flat has been designed keeping in mind the needs of the older people, and the foresight that most of the Malayalis in this area have children working abroad. So, if you want a safe flat for your family, Kaazhcha is your best bet.

Rio, the project at Kottayam on the banks of the Meenachil offers the peace and solitude along with easy access to the city center. Artech Gateway in Thrissur is on T.B Road just a stone’s throw away from the bus stand and railway station. Located centrally, the Artech ‘Gateway’ offers fantastic drool worthy amenities including an infinity pool, a fully-loaded health club, children’s park, and a posh lobby.

What sets Artech Realtors apart is the goodwill, the trust and the credibility it has built over the last two decades. Our customers vouch that the relationship that is built when you first sign on the dotted sale deal is not the end, but just the beginning of a beautiful association. Be part of the Artech family.