suburb home

Everyone aspires to buy a home at least once in their lifetime. The difficulty comes when you want to decide its location; in a downtown area or the suburbs? Both areas have their attractions, pros and cons and also have a lot to do with your needs and lifestyle. While some feel lost in the city, others feel lost in the suburbs…

However, before going any further, let’s clear up what downtown means first. It’s a North American term used to refer to the city center or even the central business district. The suburbs on the other hand refer to areas that are just on the outer edge of the city center, but within easy commuting distance of the city’s main areas.

To clear up the age-old debate on the best locations to live, let’s take one location at a time and check their pros and cons.

Downtown Areas 

Pros – There are greater job opportunities and better job prospects in downtown areas, with shorter time spent in commuting if you are living there. These areas also boast better infrastructure, better transport links and master-planned communities. You also find yourself close to malls, hotels, hospitals and schools when living in the city, thus cutting down on travel time. Land in downtown areas is scarce and when you become the owner of property here, you can be sure that the rate is going to appreciate at a comparatively faster rate, making it a great investment.

Cons – Property prices are always high and much in demand in downtown areas, however, they are too heavy on the pocket. With homes being smaller here, you get to suffer for space – and have to live with a constant cacophony of sounds till late nights.


Pros – Homes here are more spacious and easily affordable. They are also more suitable for family-living as there is enough space for gardens and pets. Crime rates and pollution is also lower in these areas. Additionally, there is that special element called peace and tranquility here!

Cons – Employment opportunities are limited in the suburbs due to its isolation from the main hub where numerous conveniences including malls, top hospitals and schools prevail. Important government offices become a long ride away. In the suburbs, you get to exchange comfort in affordable and spacious living spaces for distances from important facilities and features found in the city center.

In the end, choosing between suburbs and downtown depends on your unique needs and wants!