vizhinjam beach - famous beach in trivandrum

God’s own country, Kerala, is blessed with a bounty of natural beauty, culture and traditions that charms the visitor eternally. Trivandrum, Kerala’s coastal capital city, sprawling over seven undulating hills has its own share of rich spell-binding natural beauty spots too. Bound by the Arabian Sea on its western side, Trivandrum is home to forests, scenic waterfalls, serene lakes and a plethora of delightful beaches.

While Kovalam beach in Trivandrum takes the crown for being the most popular international tourism hotspot, other beaches like Vizhinjam beach also hold their own in terms of quaint charm and pristine beauty. It is located just 3km ahead of Kovalam beach and has a rich historical past going back many centuries when it was an important trading seaport. It still has many historical landmarks bearing testimony of its rich cultural past.

Since this isn’t considered as a swimmer’s beach, Vizhinjam beach is one of the least crowded beaches where you can lose yourself in the timeless beauty of the ever-rolling waves crashing onto pristine white sands ground smooth over time. You can enjoy the rustic charm of this coastline by going for a boat or local catamaran ride and revel in the beauty of the bewitching elements as the sea breeze rushes through your hair. You will also get unmatched views of the undulating coastline bounded by the different colors of the ocean. There are numerous authentic Ayurveda treatment centers along this area where you can indulge in a rejuvenating massage for an all-around feeling of wellness.

Lounging by the beachside, you not only get to enjoy amazing views of the sea, but you can actually feel the daily stresses of life slowly roll away to be replaced with calm serenity and peace of mind. You can watch the centuries-old tradition of fishing going on here as the fishermen haul their wooden boats into the sea while others glide in with their nets of fish. A glimpse into traditional village life as the people living along the waterfront go about their daily activities is an interesting time-pass too.

A trip to Vizhinjam is however incomplete without visiting the Marine Aquarium located here; it is home to a variety of fishes including the clownfish, surgeonfish, lionfish, piranhas, sharks, etc. You can even enjoy the unique experience of watching the especially shaped farming of pearls from oysters here. There is an interesting ancient 18th century rock-cut temple also located here where you can see sculptures of various deities engraved on the giant rock surface.

All-in-all, Vizhinjam beach is a great weekend getaway for Trivandrum inhabitants as well as for tourists.