As it is well known by now, the much awaited Vizhinjam Port in Trivandrum is all set to take shape. The implications are going to be really huge as far as the city of Trivandrum is concerned, for the Vizhinjam port is believed to open up a world of possibilities for the city.

Vizhinjam Port Location

A Port City in the Making
Trivandrum is poised as a port city and this would directly impact the economy of the city. With more concrete trade establishments and business opportunities pouring in, there will be a new wave of permanent settlers heading towards Trivandrum.

There are many examples around the world, where port cities have become more prosperous than other inland cities. Indian port cities like Mumbai or Chennai are themselves fine examples to the scope of development that awaits a city like Trivandrum after Vizhinjam port’s completion. More businesses and establishments would prompt the Government to focus on better infrastructure; all of which is bound to increase the demand in real estate.

Trivandrum Real Estate in the Next 5 years
From a real estate angle, the demand for quality living spaces in Trivandrum is set to skyrocket in the next few years. The last time something big hit Trivandrum – the IT park, Technopark in the 90’s – it led to many developments in the city, brought in investors and increased the real estate prices in many land pockets.

The Vizhinjam port promises even more growth for the city’s real estate sector. The speculations will also in effect give rise to a better value for residential and commercial properties.

Worthy Investments
If you time it right, you can be reaping the benefits of investing in Trivandrum real estate! Artech Realtors, who have always had a solid presence in Trivandrum, have some more upcoming projects which are great for an investment as well as for an end-user.

The future will soon be the present. Now is the time to act! Make a smart investment choice. Here is a preview to some of our Trivandrum based projects. Do get in touch with us if you would like to discuss the prospects further.