Traditional Living Room Designs

There is a misconception going around that needs to be set straight first – ‘traditional’ doesn’t mean old and boring. On the contrary, traditional means ethnic, classic and a little exotic. Hopefully you will now have more interest in all things traditional. And when you are talking about Indian traditional living room designs, there is no limit to the extent to which your imagination can fly. With India being host to a vast variety of culture, art and history, there are many variations to traditional Indian living room designs too. 

Here is a look at some of the interesting and complex elements that make up the traditional décor styles:


When talking about traditional Indian living room designs, get ready for a burst of vibrant colors. While the base color of the room is usually a neutral shade, you will definitely see a splash of earthy tones including ochre, burnt orange, reds and rich browns in small peppy patches as accents – usually on the throw pillows, wall hangings or art décors. 

Wooden furniture

Solid wooden furniture offers authenticity to the traditional look. Pieces of stunning craftsmanship with curved armrests and legs and exquisite inlays of brass, enamel or ivory complete the ethnic look of a traditional living room. They might prove to be expensive so even a couple of authentic pieces are enough to complement the traditional look.

Decorative accessories

These should be laid out in a carefully controlled manner and chosen with functionality and aesthetics in mind. Invest in a decorative cabinet with inlay work of metal, stone, mirror or ivory. They can be used for storage as well as an ethnic chic look.

Informal spaces

Traditional Indian seating comes in various designs and are meant for use at different levels. You can provide creative informal seating arrangements in your living room using ‘jhoolas (swing), divans or decorative footstools. Traditional handmade rugs and floor cushions can further add a decadent vibe to your living spaces.


There is no end to the exciting variety of knick-knacks and decorative artifacts you can choose to give your living room the traditional touch. Popular choices include the use of clay pottery, leather puppets, ethnic crockery, decorative sandalwood or marble boxes and ‘diyas’. You could also go for antique-looking brass lamps, or tapestries made of colorful handspun fabrics that are repeated in side chairs or footstools. 


India offers numerous painting styles ranging from Tanjore to detailed Rajasthani miniatures and the Madhubani styles. You can use them as center pieces or as accents. The possibilities are limitless with these rich decorative choices.