The use of mirrors in our everyday life is inevitable and as such, they are essential in houses. It was believed that only royal families were worthy enough to have mirrors in their houses. Others were not allowed to self-appreciate. The present scenario is very much different from olden days. There is at least one mirror in every Indian house. Mirrors gained its importance when people started to give beauty a vital role in one’s life. It helps us to know how we present ourselves and tidy our looks. We care what others think about us and spend hours in front of the bathroom mirror.

Significance of Mirrors - Decorative Mirrors

There are different types of mirrors available. The coming up of wooden mirrors, wall hanging mirrors, decorative mirrors explain how the modern society is surrounded by the mirrors. A life without mirrors would be hard to imagine for us.

Apart from being a mere object, the mirror has itself transformed into an effective design tool. You may be wondering whether a mirror is really that important in one’s everyday life.

These days, people club architecture and interior designing to find creative ways to build houses. The traditional home decor has given its way to the contemporary interior designing. Mirrors are now a necessary accessory in home decor. A lot of creative ideas have developed with the emergence of mirrors into home decor. The use of mirrors helps us to expand the presumed size of the room. It gives an illusion of space especially in small rooms and it also helps us to lighten the spaces. Mirrors are preferably placed in bathrooms, dressing rooms and for decor in living rooms.

Mirrors are placed as decorative windows to create a striking effect. Placing mirrors opposite to the gardens can bring the outside view to your drawing rooms. A romantic atmosphere is created in bedrooms when decorated with mirrors. Mirrors can give a classy look to your interiors, as well.

The antique mirrors are still trending in contemporary homes. Mirrors have become more of a symbol of elegance and royalty for people all around the world, apart from its design and aesthetical attributes. As per Vastu, positive energy is maintained in the houses with the use of mirrors. Mirrors create stability and peace in your house. A framed mirror will direct the light right in the direction. It is better than a non-framed one as it won’t scatter the light in every direction. Clean mirrors pass the energy more effectively to your home.

However, mirrors are to be avoided in bedrooms, kitchen, and in the entrance of the house. Broken mirrors are also to be avoided. The Vastu also define the positions of the mirrors. It says that it brings bad luck when mirrors are placed at wrong positions. So mirrors encourage the energy to follow around the house and it is very powerful.

For people who thought mirror as just an accessory to décor your house, the above revelations must come as a surprise. However, now that you know how important mirrors can be, grab the best one that fits your aesthetical inclination and affinity.