You may have fallen in love, the moment you set your eyes on it – your home, which you cherish as much as your kids. It may fulfil all your crazy notions about a cosy abode far away from the madness of work and other commitments. But what it can always do with is a fresh coat of paint. Unlike one would presume, painting a home requires precise planning and expert advice, just like the home décor. As world renowned interior designer Jeff Andrews says, “Colour is the key to creating spaces that are inviting and harmonious; interiors that are beautiful enough to make you want to stay in them, not just look at them.”


Colours for your mood

When it comes to wall colours, they are known to influence the occupants’ moods considerably and hence, cannot be taken lightly. You often find instant connection with objects and places in colours you love. And might mourn the demise of the rich cream palette your favourite coffee place had until it had a ghastly blue makeover, which in fact, your wife adores. One can argue that it has a lot to do colour psychology than anything else. But these subtle responses to colours are significant while deciding on paints for your home. That’s why, a sitting down with your family is absolutely necessary to zero in on room colours. The exteriors are important to give a fancy first impression but it’s the interiors you should focus on as they are going to be your constant companions.

Shopping for paints

Decide on a theme before setting out to paint the house. A modern and stylish house that spells luxury from inside out requires a delicate and sophisticated approach. You cannot ignore the colour of the floor or the material used for roof (for e.g., wood) while shopping for paints. Every single item in the house has to go with each other without being obvious and wall colours play an inimitable role in keeping the harmony intact. If the colour of your room is giving you a headache instead of the peace and calm you were hoping for, it’s time you changed it. If you have kids, it’s always better to choose paints that are glossy and easy to clean. Opt latex or oil based paint. If you are a minimalist at heart, go with a pastel colour palette (beige, white, cream etc), which will not only emphasise your collection of antiques and art, but will also give the home its much needed elegance. But you can always jazz up your kids’ rooms with neon and funky shades.

Bold and beautiful

But it’s about time we changed our perspective about colours. If you are lively, enthusiastic and always up for something fun and adventurous, you should go for colours that suit your personality. Bold shades with textures and contours are available in the market and the only thing you need to do is to go for them. Don’t stay away from vermillion and fuschia if those are colours that excite you. Chuck subtlety and embrace what you love. Invest in colours that lift up your spirits in a jiffy. If you don’t want to go loud all the way, give glossy frames to your walls by painting your windows and doors a bright shade.