new home checklist

You have spent years dreaming of your own home and the day is finally here! All the formalities are over and moving-in day has finally come. Though it’s very exciting, homeownership comes with a lot of responsibilities too. Before the day is over, you have to get a number of things done and over with. Here is a list of some of these important things:


You need to get essentials like the water and electricity connections going. So, find the connection boxes and safety valves and get the basics going. Check which switch goes with each appliance – don’t wait till the last moment.


Look for easily available internet, TV and land phone connectivity – preferably something that’s available in the neighborhood.

Cleaning up

The best thing to do before your stuff starts arriving is to finish cleaning up the house, as it’s tougher to clean around furniture.


Though you are moving into a brand-new home, it doesn’t cost anything to check out all the drains and corners for signs of unwanted pests and bugs. Finish cleaning out the home and its environment thoroughly before it’s too late. 


Check out the doors and windows, find out how the locking system works before night sets in and you have to shut the house down for the very first time. This is also the right time to install modern automated home security with your own password. 


Different communities have different customs, but most have some ritual or the other to follow when moving into a new home. Don’t forget to practice them in the excitement of moving in!


While taking a break from the unpacking, take a stroll around your new neighborhood and find the local shops where you can buy your daily essentials. And if you get to meet any of your new neighbors, that’s great too! Ask them about any immediate things you need to attend to upon moving into the neighborhood.


Keep some bed sheets, towels, doormats and curtains handy in a separate box. These are items that you need immediately. You will need to put up curtains or at least tack on some sheets over the windows before the day is done – you wouldn’t want the neighborhood to watch your activities after dark!


Though you might have cleaned up prior to unpacking, it does create a lot of dirt – keep dusters, cleaning fluids, soaps, cleaning towels and garbage bins handy.