Moving into a new house can be deliriously exciting. It’s a little like getting married. The only difference is that you get to start a new life with your new house, not a new spouse! And accordingly, a lot needs to be done when you are moving into your new home. 

Here is a plan to help you make moving-in more organized and hassle-free. This will not only reduce the stress involved in all the extra work settling-in entails but also keep the excitement levels from waning!

  • You might want to repaint some of the rooms according to the likings of your family – especially the kid’s rooms. Get it done well in advance of moving-in day so that the home gets time to air out.
  • Ensure that you get your new house cleaned up before moving in – more especially if you have had it repainted. The cleaning is easier when the house is empty.
  • Find out where the main circuit breakers and water valves are and switch on your water and electricity connections. 
  • Get a cooler and stock it up with cold water and drinks as well as some finger food. Moving-in can drain your energy and you want to make sure everyone involved has something to keep them going. Also have a special box packed separately with paper cups and plates, tissues, toilet rolls, soap, daily medications, first aid kit and other basic things for emergencies. 
  • Have a floor plan ready so that when the heavy items arrive, they can be placed in their rightful places without having to do double-duty and shift them around repeatedly.
  • Unpacking can become a tiresome job for those who haven’t gone about packing methodically in the first place! The items meant for each room should be kept in separate boxes and labeled accordingly. Start with unpacking the kitchen stuff first before moving onto the bedrooms. There is no need to over-stress it, just bring out sufficient bedding, towels, and clothes for the next day to start with.
  • Kids take moving-in a little differently, so setting up their room needs to be a priority.
  • Before the night creeps in, you wouldn’t want your neighborhood watching your activities, so putting up curtains in the bedrooms should also be a priority. And if that’s not possible, tack on a couple of sheets for a temporary solution.
  • Finally, check the security system and ensure your family’s safety.