Home is where the heart is, goes the most famous adage of all times. When a person has successfully established himself, he or she wants to invest in a house. After the initial construction, the most important part is to choose the right colors for your home to give it a look which would end up making it different from the others. After all, who wants the same, mundane homes. Colors are very powerful ways to express a person’s individuality as well as their feelings and opinions. They act as mirrors and help reflect these. So, when a person zeroes in on a particular color, it is usually because they want to portray their home in a certain manner.

Right Colors for Your Home

Apart from coloring their homes, the interiors as well as the furnishings need colors and they go hand-in-hand. So, while coloring the room too, one needs to keep in mind the kind of colors to be used so that they match with the furnishings as well. Here’s a list of colors that you can choose

Earthy, Neutral or Pastel Colors: Earthy colors or neutral colors like those in the shades of browns, greens and ochre are apt for the people who like living lose to the nature. Besides that, they also lend a very earthy and homely look to the house.

Blues usually have a calming effect on the occupant and are also known for their tranquil effects

Red is usually a preferred color when you want to have passion. A caution though- you can also end up having anger in the house, if you do not have the right shade of red in your home.

Thus, choosing the right color for the home is very important. Sometimes, people who tend to go a little experimental with their colors also like to add two color tones to their homes. Two contrasting colors or two similar lighter or darker shades look perfect for imparting a brazen look. For the more adventurous ones, zebra prints in black or white, pink or purple or even yellow and green can look wonderful.