A little imagination and little money is all it takes to add that oomph factor to any decor, including the one in your apartment. Your apartment deserves a bit of freshness now and then and the good news is, an apartment makeover is definitely not going to be as pricey as a salon makeover! Here are few things that you could do right this weekend.

Low-Budget Makeover for Apartments
Go the color route

Think of a your favorite color theme and add splashes of color, some art, some paint, few throwbacks, spruce up your curtains – how about your mother’s old net Kota saree? and reorganize showpieces and mix and match to go with the theme. If monochrome is your style, then think monochrome!

Turn around furniture to look new
Rearrange and re purpose is the mantra when it comes to furniture. Inexpensive wicker pieces that looks as if it belongs outdoors changes the mood of any room. Put chairs in a sunny corner or mix them with your upholstered pieces. Rickety chairs can be given a second life as a bedside table. If there’s a hole in the caning, place a tray on the chair to hold an alarm clock, a reading lamp, etc.

A screwdriver – the miracle tool!
Put that screwdriver to use, change the knobs on cabinets or dresser drawers, light switch plates and curtain rods.

If you haven’t used it in the last three months, then its unlikely it is ever going to be used. So throw it. Remove or downsize the number of knickknacks, paintings or pictures, put them in a box and rotate them every other month. Less is definitely more! You have to get rid of all the clutter for the makeover to show!

Rug Therapy
There is nothing like a rug to pull a room together. Adding color coordinated rugs throughout the apartment will provide a lovely continuity throughout the entire living space, giving the final touch to your makeover.

Old things, new use!
Old plates can double up as wall hangings, baskets can turn into magazine and newspaper stands, Shells and other beach bounty for a rustic feel, old glass bottles can turn into single bloom vases. Theme up old photos for that personal touch. Pieces and scraps of wallpapers can be used as wardrobe and drawer liners.