The handover ceremony of Artech Centrix took place on the 22nd of February, 2016, at the project location. The event commenced at 11:30 am and had Mr T S Asok ( Managing Director, Artech Realtors), Mr Vinod G Nair, Mr Suresh Kumar and other Artech dignitaries in attendance along with the owners of the new apartments.
Mr Vinod G Nair welcomed everyone to the gathering and briefed all on the project, the management and its amenities. He also introduced Artech’s Facility Management Division (AFMD) to the owners and explained the services offered through AFMD. He explained the need for the formation of an ad hoc committee to guide AFMD for the smooth functioning of the everyday activities of the project.
Services offered by Facility Management Division (FMD) were also spoken about, which included, housekeeping services, cleaning of unoccupied individual apartments, rental Services etc.

The apartment project represents the highest forms of luxury – empowered with all the lifestyle needs right at home. The project also features sprawling landscapes, plush environs to a multitude of luxury amenities.