Though you hear it all the time, here is a repetition of the three most important things to consider when buying a home: location, location and location! Yes, you read it right! The location of the home is the most important factor when choosing your home as it will impact your daily living. Even if you find your dream house, never give up on location as the condition of the house can be changed, but the location cannot be. 

There are a number of reasons why location should be of primary consideration for you since it influences important factors in your life as well as the future salability of your home. Here are some of these reasons:

Geographical Location

You should buy a home in or around an area where jobs are easy to get, where the climate is suitable for the family’s needs and where all home needs can be addressed comfortably. After all, you will be living here for a long, long time! 

Is Your Home Going to Be Located in an Urban, Suburban or Rural Area?

This will affect the distance you will need to travel on a regular basis to get to schools, hospitals, shopping centres or entertainment facilities. It will also influence the level of noise and various pollutions you and your family gets to face every day.


You wouldn’t want to live in a neighbourhood which has elements that disrupt the peace or foul up the atmosphere. For example, having a bar or nightclub nearby isn’t going to make your family too comfortable or living in a place with a dumpsite nearby will constantly expose you to the hazards of pollution, so why settle there?


Some areas are more known for criminal activities than others. Just because the house is perfect or the cost is just about right for you, doesn’t mean you need to invest in unsafe locations. Selling homes in such areas is also difficult.

Good Schools

Even if you don’t have school-going kids, it’s always better to buy in locations with good schools as most parents will want to invest in such areas, hence great resale values!

Job Opportunities

You should buy homes near locations where there are job opportunities as it’s easy to get renters as well as resale buyers in such areas.

Finally, it’s always better to buy homes in locations where the investment value is bound to go up with time, so choose wisely for a profitable investment!