It may come as a surprise to you, but a survey done in 2015 reveals that around 90% of Indian home buyers are looking for vastu-compliant homes to buy. It just reiterates the fact that however modern Indians’ outlooks are there are certain deep-rooted beliefs which we are yet to let go of. And vastu sastra, if you look at it with an open mind, is quite interesting. In fact, you might find yourself nodding in agreement when the vastu consultant talks at length about the energies and vibrations surrounding us. Who wouldn’t want to ward off negative energies from their homes and teem it with positive thoughts? If you are a believer, here are a few vastu tips you should be aware of before buying or building a house.



The wellbeing of your family starts undoubtedly at your kitchen. Vastu experts claim that the position of a kitchen is as essential as its cleanliness and hygiene. Just like you handpick every item that goes into the kitchen with special care, the design also has to be monitored and redrawn if required, they say. According to vastu, everything from the placements of the windows, doors, sinks to the electronic gadgets have specific places. It says that the best direction for a kitchen is the south-east corner of the house. If that’s not an option, northwest corner is as good as well. The vastu insists on south-east corner because the element of fire governs this direction. The stove also has to be kept in the same direction. Always keep the sink and taps away from the cooking area.

Study room

The place of study can never be taken lightly. It is where you require most concentration and positive energy. Vastu experts say that placing the study room on west, east or north-east will bring the positive energies you require to focus. Doors shouldn’t in be in north-east, north, east or west area while the windows are to be in the east, north or west wall. The amount of light in the learning area also matters. It is important for the student to face anywhere other than a blank wall or window while studying.

Living room

As living room is a gathering place where you either entertain guests or spend time with your family, it is important that it follows certain vastu rules. According to vastu beliefs living room has a high chance of having negative energy as it’s located right next to the house entrance. It is best to build a
living room in the east or in the north. A living room built in the north is believed to bring health and wealth for the family. As the presiding element of the north-west part of the house is ‘air’, it is a good enough place for the living room. Another ideal location is north-east unless you have a pooja room.

Dining room

Bedroom is where you find solace after a hectic day at work. Vastu experts claim that the master bedroom should always be in the south-west corner of the home and it must be occupied by the head of the family. The master bedroom should be bigger in size compared to the other bedrooms in the house. For a multi-storey house, it is best to have the master bedroom in the south-west corner of the top floor. The bed should be placed towards the south or west wall.