pet friendly apartments

Fuzzy little pets bring joy and happiness with their goofiness and can keep you engaged for hours on end. However, owning a pet isn’t all fun and games as you need to be a responsible parent to it too by providing a safe and comfortable home. To have a pet-friendly home, get ready to compromise a little on your decor style however. Here’s a look at some simple ways to make your home more pet-friendly:


The ideal floor for pets should be scratch-proof, with vitrified tiles offering a good option. Rugs and carpets are a definite no-no with furry pets around, as they can accumulate hair and bacteria.


Since furry pets love to chew on hanging wires and cables, do ensure that the plethora of technology we use on a daily basis comes with concealed wiring. All plug points should be switched off when not in use to keep your furry friend safe.


Avoid pale colors for your upholstery to make maintenance easier. Materials like faux leather are easier to clean off animal fur and don’t retain any odors either. Regular brushing of you pet ensures less fur and dander flying around.


As pets can lick the floor and fall sick, avoid strong antiseptic floor cleaning chemicals. You should also store all cleaning fluids safely behind a closed cabinet door.


Ensure that your balconies are pet-safe with the grills being closely spaced to prevent nosy pets from getting stuck – or worse, falling through them.


Items such as medicines or your fragile decor items should ideally be placed a little higher up so your playful pet cannot get to them. Aside from preventing avoidable accidents, it keeps the owner happier too.


While most homeowners love a little bit of greenery at home, do check that your potted plants are pet-safe first. This is because certain indoor plants are known to be poisonous to pets, who may accidentally chew on them.

Private zone

Pets need a specific corner for themselves too to spend some time alone. Place a soft cushion inside a spacious basket and keep all the pet toys around it. This helps your pet claim its own private territory.