If you have pets at home, your flooring options need to be different from otherwise. Your floor must be able to endure the pet’s claws, be effortlessly cleaned, hide dander, be a cozy doze spot and at the same time, look all the better in your home.

Pets-in-HomeWell, that can sound a little too much.

However, if you pay enough attention while weighing your flooring options, you can easily get a floor with all the aforementioned qualities, and then some.

Bamboo Floors: There is no better flooring option than bamboos for pet owners. Being a hard surface, it is impervious to scratches, is extremely durable and is really sustainable. It is also stain repellent, and you don’t have to worry about the situations if your pet is quite unable to make it outside all the time. From a cleaning perspective, bamboo is exceptional.

Cork Floors: Another exceptional option that you can consider is cork. It is antimicrobial, which means that the material hampers the growth of mold, bacteria and other microbes that you do not want start spawning in your house. It is also scratch-resistant causing you no worries when your pets prance around. Another important quality of cork is that it can absorb sound, which means that if you have a huge dog or a set of cats that make a lot of loud sounds, this can absorb some of their sounds. One aspect that might get you worried is that cork is prone to stains.

Stone Floors: If you are looking for a flooring material that is easy to clean and impervious to scratches, there may not be a better option than stone floor. The only thing to understand is that stone is not the most comfortable thing that you can get for your pet. In order to make sure that your pets have a great place to nap on, you need to use a lot of rugs. And, you must also make sure that the rugs fit your washing machine if you plan to wash them in your washing machine.

Tile Floors: Just like stone flooring, tiles are easy to clean, hard and resistant to damages. However, it is not the most comfortable place for your furry friends to take a little time out or a nap. Tiles are cold and hard making it difficult for the pets to be comfortable with it. So just like with stones, make sure that you have rugs on the tiles to make the pets comfortable.

Vinyl Floors: Vinyl floors have been considered a great option for flooring if you have pets at home, and the only thing to consider is that you need to get something that is quite high end. High-quality vinyl flooring has everything you look forward in a flooring material; it is stain and scratch resistant, can be easily cleaned and is very quiet to pace across.

While these are all great flooring options to consider if you have a pet, the best is always what fits your requirements perfectly; whether it is budget, quality appeal or any other factor you consider important.