As any realtor worth his salt would tell you, the location of your home is one of the most important features when buying a home. This is for a multitude of reasons, beginning with what’s in your neighborhood! Your dream home’s neighborhood has a lot to say about the livability factor of your home’s location, and adds to its value. This becomes more significant if you are planning on a resale or renting out. So, before you buy an apartment in Trivandrum, here’s a look at some neighborhood features that could affect its value:


The value of homes in each locality depends on the kind of neighborhood in that area. Easy accessibility of public transportation and walkable distance to important daily life needs include supermarkets, pharmacies, a playschool or creche, or even a park. A safe neighborhood where your kids can walk back unaccompanied or absence of bars/clubs nearby, are some of the other features that add value to a home.


If you want to buy apartments in Trivandrum, do check for good access roads that don’t present traffic snarls during peak hours. Also homes that have new infrastructure in the pipelines within its neighborhood tend to go up in value substantially once the infrastructure is ready. Thus, the value of your home will go up with time, instead of declining!

Facilities and Amenities

Highly-valued neighborhoods have a number of features that enhance the quality of living and the standard of that area. These could include schools and colleges, hospitals or even entertainment hubs like malls. Before buying into a neighborhood, drive through the area at different times of the day to observe the kind of activities happening there at different times of the day and assess the kind of neighborhood.


With increasing traffic jams in cities, most large career hubs, office parks and businesses tend to shift to the city’s perimeter. To avoid long commutes, people opt to live closer to their work places. This leads to growth of new neighborhoods within the vicinities of employment hubs, complete with new apartments, important facilities and amenities. Such neighborhoods have high values.

For those who want to buy luxury apartments in Trivandrum, there are numerous high-value neighborhoods available!