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As age advances, quite a lot of lifestyle changes are required. These will need to be reflected in the homes of these senior citizens too. When choosing a senior-friendly apartment, a number of features that make life more convenient and comfortable will need to be made available. Here is what you need to look out for:

  • Secure Entry – Check for senior-friendly features right from the entry point into the apartment building. Ensure that the pathway is level and free of cracks. Senior-friendly buildings should ideally have no-rise ramps with hand railings, in case there are steps at any point; the flooring should also be anti-skid and the area should be well-lit. The buttons on the lift should be accessible by those in wheelchairs too.
  • Low-mobility Friendly – To ensure that a walker or a wheelchair can easily be used within the apartment, the doors and hallways will need to be a little wider in senior-friendly homes. The distance between bathroom and bedroom should also be minimal for greater convenience. Instead of doorknobs, lever handles are more senior-friendly and need to be kept in mind too.
  • Safe Bathrooms – This is one of the most accident-prone areas for seniors and should be planned carefully. Grab bars next to the toilet and shower need to be made of quality and sturdy materials. The commode should be raised and the shower should be hand-held and come with a longer hose. The bathroom flooring needs to be of anti-slip material to prevent mishaps too. Do ensure that the bathroom is walk-in type instead of step-over design. Bathrooms should also come fitted with bright lighting.
  • Practical Kitchens – Since manual dexterity decreases with age, senior-friendly kitchens should ideally come with easy-to-reach switches and convenient spaces to place appliances. Storage and pantry spaces should be planned in such a way that there is minimal need for bending or crouching to access them.
  • Layout – A senior-friendly apartment should ideally have ample space to move around in with walkers or wheelchair, without the fear of bumping into things. Raised thresholds need to come with grab bars and slip-proof flooring.

Since seniors need more sunlight and vitamin D, senior-friendly apartments should also come with large windows.