There is no explanation needed for why we should go for “Green Choices”. Needless to say, the choices you make have a great impact on the whole planet. And, of course, going green is the best choice regardless of what you are dealing with. And, when it comes to the construction industry, it is undoubtedly the best option.

Green Engineering - Artech Rainforest Apartments

While the benefits of green engineering are pretty obvious, let us have a quick look at what exactly they are. While there are myriad reasons to go green, most of them come back to supply & demand. At present, the amount of resources available is limited but the consumption has gone up tremendously. Quick action should be taken if we want the generations to come to lead a healthy, happy and content life.

So, where do we start? How about “green building”? Considering green engineering in construction projects is certainly a great place to begin because buildings consume a lot of potable water, raw materials, and energy. Besides, they leave behind too much debris that head to the landfills, hurting the environment more and more. So, why not shift to green engineering? Doing so, you can protect the environment by reducing carbon foot print, boost savings and enhance your health.

Today, most people in cities consider investing in an apartment as it appears to be a lucrative investment option. However, buyers who are eco-friendly consider buying an independent villa rather than buying an apartment. The main reason why they hesitate to opt for apartments is simply because they cannot grow plants or maintain a lush green lawn or garden as they would in an independent house. There is some good news for such consumers.

Green engineering has changed the way people look at apartment living. In the recent times, the realty sector has seen a paradigm shift towards green practices as far as construction is concerned. In fact, each prominent builder has come up with at least one ‘green’ project. Some of the key advantages of these projects include living in complete harmony with nature, minimizing carbon foot print, and reducing dependency on non-renewable energy sources.

In cities like Trivandrum, Kerala, you can come across iconic projects that feature ground floor landscapes reminiscent of a thick rainforest, empty spaces replaced by greenery, kitchen farms with lovely sunlight, green views for almost every home, and multi-level green community spaces – together creating a new heavenly experience for apartment residents.

When seen from an investment perspective, these “Rainforest” apartments are highly lucrative. With more and more people indulging in “green practices” today, your ROI on such apartments will increase multifold. Any buyer looking to buy a house in a budget range of two to three crores can confidently invest in “green apartments”. The unique green features embedded in these apartments will surely increase their market value a few years down the line.

The Bottom line
Going green is not just a trend today, but a must. So, choose to invest in buildings supporting and sporting green practices.

There are super luxury projects in big cities like Trivandrum where you can find your dream home amidst a dense rainforest. By the way, how does it sound to live in the heart of the city, yet wake up to the chirping of birds, super cool breeze and the mesmerizing smell of a lush green rainforest??!!