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Most apartments come with one or two private balconies which offer great opportunities for enjoying the outdoors for city dwellers. Instead of just treating them as places to store your nick-knacks or for hanging laundry, you can make the balcony into your own little oasis of enjoy during good weather. Here are 5 different ways to get the most out of your apartment balcony:

A Clean-up

Give your balcony a thorough clean-up with a hard brush and hot soapy water. You will be surprised how much dirt comes off! Next step is to de-clutter and rearrange whatever needs to stay on the balcony – so that you have enough leg room for a small table and a couple of easy chairs. Now all you need is a good book, a chilled drink and you are all set to enjoy your balcony!

Splash of Color

Depending upon the amount of sun your balcony receives, choose some green plants to dress up your balcony. When selecting plants and pots, do keep the size of your balcony in mind. There’s something about greenery that makes a space feel more inviting and peaceful, making your balcony the perfect haven to enjoy your early morning cuppa.

Deck your Walls

Don’t feel disheartened if your balcony floor space is on the compact side. You can use the wall space instead to create a lively and welcoming retreat. Add greenery to the wall in form of rows of small planters with evergreens. You could even use them to grow your kitchen herbs and add fragrance to your balcony in the process!


There are many ways to make your balcony more private. You could use climbing plants to weave a network of greenery that not only pleases the eye, but gives you greater freedom in your private sanctum. Hanging baskets with trailing greenery and railing planters also shelter your private space.


Accentuate your patio furniture with throw pillows, a small area rug or a stylish storage bench and create the perfect extension of your living room to show off to your friends! Open up your balcony the next time you throw a party, and watch your friends go green!