Buying a Home in Thiruvalla

Thiruvalla is a charming locality in Kerala and has a rich and vibrant culture. It is the largest city located in Pathanmitha district and sprawls along the scenic Pamba and Manimala River banks. Spread out over an area of around 28km, this is a land-locked city surrounded by irrigating streams and rivers.

Popularly known as the “Land of Non-Resident Indians’ (NRI), Thiruvalla is a peaceful region with low crime rates and a fully-functional infrastructure in place. It offers all necessary facilities such as excellent schools, medical college, hospitals, shopping centers. It is also well-connected by good roads and a railway station.

Thiruvalla is fast becoming a destination for real estate builders with numerous classy apartment projects being available. If you decide to buy an apartment in Thiruvalla, you couldn’t have made a better choice! But since buying a home is an expensive venture, you will need to check all the important details of the apartment first. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of buying an apartment in Thiruvalla:

1. Investment Perspective

With the city expanding rapidly, there is great scope for investment in real estate here. Costs of apartments are only going up and this is the best time to invest in one. Since current real estate trends make this period to be a buyer’s market, its time you got off the fence and invested in an apartment!

2. Cost perspective

Since Thiruvalla is still a growing city, cost of apartments is still very reasonable as compared to apartments in other cities. And since there are homes available for every pocket size here, Thiruvalla is the best place to buy a home.

3. Education and Career options

Buying a home necessitates the need for nice educational facilities and career hubs nearby. In Thiruvalla, you can be sure of finding both features nearby.

4. Cultural Hotpot

Thiruvalla is a peaceful city with people from all walks of life and religion living together in harmony here. The clubhouse and amenities offered in apartments offer more opportunities for residents to mingle peacefully!

5. Luxury Features

Builders are offering amazing apartment projects in Thiruvalla featuring luxurious facilities that amp up your lifestyles and keep the whole family entertained and happy!