There seems to be a global trend of people moving from the Tier 1 cities to the soon-to-be Tier 1 cities. The reasons could be many – a better, less hectic lifestyle for their loved ones, to escape the agonizing traffic situation, to breathe better air and for reduced noise levels – in general, for a more peaceful life.

Thrissur Pooram

Thrissur – a Progressing City

Thrissur is one of such cities favoured by many. It strikes a perfect balance between modern development and natural scenic beauty. Many have been moving into Thrissur and buying apartments here, thanks to the city’s booming real estate scenario. Due to the influx of more and more people, the Thrissur real estate seems like a great investment choice with astonishing growth rates stories over the past few years.

In the realm of housing and real estate, the boom has been on, since the late 90s. The Swaraj Round is one of the most prominent parts of the city and is a major landmark and shopping centre. Actually, our residential apartment complex, Artech Gateway, is coming up nearby (only 750 metres away from here!). The city has always been centred around the Vadakkunathan Temple and the temple radiates the much awed old world charm. You have to see it to believe it! The educational institutes here do deserve a mention as they have attracted a considerable number of Keralites from the neighbouring districts purely on academic interests.

Thrissur’s Apartment advantage

An apartment in Thrissur makes a fine place to live in, especially if you have lived in a crowded, dusty city like Chennai or Bangalore or if you are moving back to Kerala from your life abroad. It is also a great place for schooling and raising children as they can grow up without missing out on the traditions and practices of Kerala and yet live comfortably experiencing all the comforts of the modern world. If you are a frequent flying NRI looking to invest in Thrissur, it would be a relief to know that the Nedumbassery International airport is only a 2-hour drive away.

Artech offers top of the line apartments and amenities through Artech Gateway – world-class living in a city steeped with culture and heritage! Thrissur offers the most modern, in terms of apartments, lifestyle products, services and connectivity. The city now is a fine blend of the past and the present. It is quite a spectacle just to see the most modern sports car being parked under an age-old banyan tree – this is visual proof harmony in existence indeed! What more would you need?