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Even though Kerala is known as a consumer state rather than a producer, Thrissur’s economy stands on its own financial capabilities. This grand old city was known to headquarter 58 banks in the 1930’s according to the RBI and was known as the banking town of India. 

Today, it is still the headquarters of a number of finance houses and banks. It is also home to about 2,000 Kuries or Chit companies – companies that have played a major role in developing Thrissur into the business hub of South India that it is today.

Thrissur has also turned out to be a major tile manufacturing center as well as an Ayurveda drug manufacturing hub. History has it that the King of Cochin invited 52 Syrian Christian families to settle down in Oottupura and do business in textiles. These astute businessmen soon built up the city of Thrissur with their natural flair for business and made it a retail business center of the South. 

To this day, Thrissur is home to numerous large superior-class silk showrooms with brand names that are famous all over the country. The city is also famous for its production of gold and diamond jewelry, with about 70% of the jewelry consumed in Kerala being produced here. 

Aside from all this, Thrissur is also known as the cultural city of Kerala and home to numerous spiritual and religious monuments. It is also where the famous Thrissur Pooram festival is celebrated with millions of folks congregating into the city to witness this colorful 36-hour long celebration. The hospitality industry here has been growing due to the presence of the nearby Guruvayur temple and numerous temple celebrations that see huge footfalls every year.

And with nearby cities becoming congested and running out of space, Thrissur is now seeing major growth in the real estate industry too. Its reputation as a clean and green city, where law and order still prevail, gives it an added attraction for homebuyers. The presence of prestigious education intuitions as well as leading hospitals is further driving the demand for residential buildings here. 

With easy availability of job and business opportunities acting like magnets, many potential homebuyers are increasingly looking towards Thrissur. As more and more people are now opting to live in clean and spacious cities like Thrissur, many builders, including Artech Developers have already moved in and have numerous classy apartments on offer for homebuyers in prime locations within the city.