People are getting more sophisticated by the day and their demands for the finer things in life are on the rise. And when it comes to home designing, attention has now shifted from the floorings and walls. It is now on ceilings – false ceilings to be more precise.

Everyone would have seen the exotic-looking false ceilings with concealed lightings in hotels and big showrooms. The discerning members of the society now want these features incorporated into their homes too. A false ceiling is also known as a dropped ceiling where a second ceiling is suspended artistically below the main ceiling.

This feature requires special expertise to install and costs accordingly too! However, the purpose of a false ceiling is not only for beautification purposes but also for hiding unsightly electrical works, pipes, beams and ducts. Hiding everything neatly gives your ceiling a beautiful, clutter-free and artistic look.

False ceilings are however incomplete until they include sophisticated arrangements of lights embedded within them. This can be of real benefit as indirect lighting in the form of energy-efficient LED lamps is used. False ceilings also allow for more effective air-conditioning as the ceiling is lower. Other benefits of false ceilings are their role in acoustics and sound absorption.

False ceilings can be done up in different patterns, but they all come with a focus on the lighting being used to emphasis the effect further. The current trends are to make false ceilings your sitting room cum dining room showpieces with recessed lights in various patterns being used to provide direct or indirect light – depending on the purpose of the room.

These recessed lights make a great way of showing-off your false ceiling. Cove lighting is also gaining popularity and uses a strip of LED lights to highlight decorative ceilings; these lights are however hidden in the false ceiling.

False ceilings made of gypsum are the trending material of choice as they are lightweight, fire-resistant, soft and malleable, sound insulated and thermal insulated. The gypsum boards can be cut into the desired shapes and suspended on an iron framework.

Other trending materials used to create artistic false ceilings include fibre cement board and ready-made decorative ceiling panels that are low cost as well as effective in purpose. They even come in interesting colours, styles, shapes and sizes – just take your pick!

As for the lighting that goes with false ceilings, the trending options include using mood colours, small lights for brighter effects as well as going for strategic locations for maximal direct or indirect lighting.