The kitchen is the heart of every Indian household, the place where your source of daily energy is prepared every day with love. According to the age-old Indian science of Vastu Shastra, you will need to align the direction of the kitchen along the right axis to keep positive energy flowing unhindered throughout your kitchen. The elements of fire, water, air, earth and sky all need to be balanced in the kitchen to ensure positive vibes. The placements of the various kitchen appliances also make a difference towards this. 

Here’s a guide to help you place everything in the right direction in accordance with Vastu: 

Kitchen Direction

The kitchen should always be located in the south-east corner of the home as ‘Agni’, the Lord of Fire prevails best in this direction. However, if it’s not possible, the north-east direction of the home works equally well for kitchen placement too. 

Elements of Fire

Ensure that all the appliances in your home that represent ‘Agni’ or fire are aligned towards the south-east side. These include your cooking stove, gas cylinders, toasters or microwave ovens. Ideally, the person should be facing east while cooking to ensure the good health of the family. 

Elements of Water

Any element that is related to water shouldn’t be placed on the same side as the elements of fire. Neither should it be placed parallel to it, as these opposing elements can cause strife within the family. The kitchen sink, water filter, water pipes and drains should preferably be in the north or north-east direction. 


To ensure positive vibes in the kitchen, place the refrigerator along the south-west direction. Other suitable directions include north, south, west or south-east, but avoid the north-east side. You should also keep it a foot away from corners.

Electrical Appliances

Busy lifestyles mean more of handy electrical appliances in the kitchen which make cooking easier. Since they represent light/fire, you need to keep your electrical appliances in the south-east direction too.


And when it comes to storage of foodstuffs and utensils the best direction in the south-west. For a clutter-free, ideal kitchen according to Vastu, you should fit your storage cupboards on the southern and western sides.

Windows and Vents

Windows should ideally face the east while vents can be on the southern wall.

Kitchen Wall

The kitchen should be bright and cheerful. Use vibrant colours like yellow, orange, red, green, rose, etc.