Vasthu is an ancient set of architectural principles that has been in use for many centuries. The Vasthu Shastra guidelines, if properly followed, bring health, wealth and prosperity to the inhabitants of the home. These principles were mainly applied while designing temples, stand-alone homes and other buildings in earlier days. However, with evolving habitats and apartments becoming the norm in most cities, following all the rules of Vasthu can become challenging.

While it’s impossible to build 100% Vasthu compliant apartments, here’s a breakdown on ways to inculcate these principles into apartment homes and bring in positive energy.

  • Ensure that the land on which the apartment project is constructed is regular in shape – rectangular or square. It should also not be constructed on a sloping plot.
  • The entrance of the apartment complex should ideally face east; if your apartment door also faces east, then that’s another bonus!
  • Northern part of the house signifies prosperity, hence it should always be kept neat and well-kept.
  • Do not place a mirror opposite the front door as it deflects positive energy away from your home.
  • Ensure there are no water bodies like rivers, ponds, lakes, wells or bore wells in the southern or western side of the apartment as they are negative factors.
  • While indoor plants are good, avoid growing any type of cactus within your apartment.
  • Avoid keeping any paintings or pictures that depict violence or have animals in them.
  • Your kitchen should ideally be in the south-east corner of your home and cooking should be done while facing east.
  • Your cooking appliances such as mixers, toasters and microwaves should all be kept in the south-east corner too.
  • Apartments painted in red, black or sky blue colors are best avoided.
  • Apartments at the dead-end of a lane are not auspicious for the apartment owners.
  • The Puja room should be in the northern or eastern direction.
  • The bathrooms should ideally be placed in the north or north-eastern directions.
  • Bathroom doors shouldn’t face the dining room or kitchen areas.
  • All the doors in the apartment should open inwards.
  • The windows and doors in the apartment should be in even numbers.
  • The master bedroom should ideally be in the south-west direction and they should always sleep with their heads towards the southern side.
  • The living room should always be in the northern direction and furniture shouldn’t be kept against the wall as it blocks flow of energy.

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