kitchen flooring

The kitchen is not only the heartbeat of the home, it is also the central hub where the modern family congregates to catch up on the latest chitchats. The kitchen is always bustling with activity, the place nourishing meals are prepared for the family on a daily basis – the first place the family goes to in the morning for their morning beverage. It’s also where the family gathers in the evening as the last meal of the day is being prepared. 

With so much footfall traffic, the kitchen floor really needs to be hardy. And that’s not all as the kitchen floor also sees more than its fair share of spills and dropped utensils. All this makes it pertinent that you ensure your kitchen floor is functional, durable as well as attractive. Now that’s a tall order by any yardstick. Luckily modern floorings are designed keeping easy maintenance and high durability in mind. 

There are so many flooring options available that choosing one can become a daunting experience.  Among the most durable flooring options are concrete, stone, wood laminate, tiles, vinyl and rubber flooring. Other ergonomic flooring ideas include bamboo, cork, wood and carpet tiles. Aside from being practical and durable, the floor needs to be comfortable on your feet too – after all you do get to stand for extended periods of time there. Most people love stone floors – and they are scratch-proof, stain-proof and water-resistant too. All this is perfect but they do tend to be hard on the feet. An alternative is to go for look-alike engineered tiles that are kinder on the feet.

Let’s take a look at some of the kitchen flooring options:

Stone floors or ceramic tiles

These are excellent for high-traffic areas and highly durable. Tiles are available in assorted colors and textures, offering you endless choices.


An excellent choice as it’s durable, versatile and kind to the feet. It’s available in numerous shades and is water-repellent too. What’s more, it absorbs impact sounds.


This is a natural stone that raises the luxury quotient of your kitchen while lending it an old-world charm. However, it’s a porous material that needs to be sealed twice a year at least.


This is an increasingly popular choice and offers a super-luxurious look to your floor. They come in pre-finished options that are kind on the feet too. For those on a budget, a cheaper option is high-pressured plastic laminates with similar looks.


These offer a variety of resilient water-proof ‘look-alike’ styles, textures and colors and great for those on a budget.