Trivandrum is the green coastal capital city of Kerala and adjudged to be the best city to live in consecutively for the past two years, amongst 21 cities from India. Not only that, it has also come out tops amongst the top five cities within Kerala state too on factors such as population, cost of living, healthcare system, pollution, transportation, infrastructure, quality of life as well as property prices. Even though Trivandrum is the political capital of the state, the city is still comparatively smaller, but growing by the day.

With other major cities having reached their growth limit and the IT Parks grown beyond their holding capacity, realty companies are on the look-out for newer pastures to invest in. Trivandrum fits the bill very well and it’s no wonder that realty giants like the Embassy group and the Taurus group have forayed into the Trivandrum realty space in a $140 million joint venture to develop about 2.3 million sq ft of commercial office space in Technopark Phase III. These two renowned realty industry giants are joining together to form the ‘Winterfell Realty Pvt. Ltd’ firm to develop the SEZ commercial office space in Technopark, Trivandrum.

This will be done in a phased manner over the next few years on a 10-acre plot out of a 27-acres area allocated for SEZ purposes. This 27-acre plot is part of the total of 92 acres allocated for the Phase III expansion. With Technopark covering a total area of about 331 acres and the upcoming nearby Technocity covering 424 acres, there is a lot of scope for development and growth in the commercial sector. Technopark, which took off in 1991, is soon touted to become the largest exporter of IT products from India. It currently houses over 360 companies and has a workforce that’s over 60,000 people – and still growing.

Most people who come to work in Trivandrum get so enamored by living in a city where the infrastructure is actually functional, with water and electricity, the two important necessities to modern living, always being available. The roads here are comparatively better maintained with no traffic jams and very little pollution – if at all. You will also find a booming health and education sector here. Open spaces are still available in this historical city for children to nurture their minds in, where the need to compromise on building space doesn’t arise. Trivandrum is also ideal for the realty sector since it is still expanding, and with the recent expansion of the highway, more area is becoming available with easy connectivity to facilities and infrastructure.

Large projects like the above are always proportionate with an increased influx of people into the city, and a consequent increase in demand for homes. The residential building sector will need to gear up and make more homes available to cater to the housing needs of this increasing population. Fortunately, prime residential home builders like the Artech Realtors firm are already prepared and have a number of quality home projects in the offing.

Their latest offering is the dream project called Artech Life Spaces. Ideally located close to Technopark as well as being connected to the city, this ongoing project offers large community recreational spaces within secure boundary walls, where you and your loved ones can enjoy the numerous world-class amenities spread out amidst elegant living spaces. Live among thoughtfully designed homes with the best of branded fittings that make your home the envy of your friends….apartments that are set amid manicured lawns and well-lit gardens with various sized floor area spaces to ensure that there is a home available here for all sizes of families….