In making multistoried homes look great, the role of stairways is beyond measurable. However, often during renovations, makeovers and redecorating your house, stairways tend to get a little overlooked. In architecture, stairways possess a unique position in enhancing the overall look and feel of the building where they are installed.

In order to help you make use of this awesome space, we bring to you a few of the latest staircase trends in 2007.

Take a look.


The Designs with Glasses Staircase: Let us admit it, everyone falls for a glass stairways; it is simple, elegant and has a magnetic style to attract people. As glass panels are greatly versatile, they are available in every color, shape and design that you want your stair to have. Most people think that stairway takes a lot of space where it is installed, however with a glass staircase, that issue can be effectively addressed as transparent surfaces make the space look bigger and roomier.

Beach Getaway Designs for Stairs: For people who want to have a relaxed and holiday feel at home, beach getaway designs for stairs are the latest trend. As there is no hard and fast rule with this type of design, you can go as much creative as you would like. If you are able to make use of coastal-type wood, the feel you can get will sure be all the more exciting.

The Fusion Design for Staircase: One of the latest staircase trends that have been becoming popular among customers is the fusion staircase. This design is created by effectively combining more than one material such as glass, wood or high quality plastic to create a unique material that is conducive to design great stairways. This particular design makes great use of various spindle brackets that are used to hold other elements used in this design. This is a great innovative method that can be carried our faster and quicker.

The floating staircase design: If you have a contemporary and modern design to your house, floating design staircase can give your home a matching feel. This is a very minimalistic approach made for people who do not like bigger, larger and bulky designs to the stairs.

Bespoke Designs for Staircase: If you are seeking for a great design that can help you express your home, attitude and yourself, bespoke designs are the best to take advantage of. Though this type of design can be a little costly than you want a staircase design to be, it is a very rare and unique type of staircase design worth the investment. Another important advantage of this type of staircase is that it is extremely versatile to incorporate any sort of design element that you want to incorporate.

These are some of the trending staircase designs that have been making the round in the market in 2017. Though it is not entirely different from what people preferred in 2016, the next year will be a game changer when it comes to trending staircase designs.