Everyone aspires to live in a luxurious home, but few actually get to avail it. In a country like India which according to Forbes, boasts of 101 billionaires and 2.36 lakh millionaires in 2017 means that it’s not surprising that the demand for luxury homes is on the rise. The reviving economy has also infused its share of enthusiasm in homebuyers with a predictable rise in property developers offering premium luxury homes in the big cities. However, one has to be vigilant as many builders are cashing in on the demand for luxury homes and touting their sub-standard properties as being luxurious.

Top Parameters for Luxury Residential Projects – Artech Realtors

However, with everything being said, what exactly do the millionaires and billionaires of India want in their luxury homes? Here is a look at some of the top parameters that make an authentic luxury home.

Location: A truly luxurious home is located in a coveted and pricey area that’s close to business hubs, airports, and railway stations. While its central location could be marred by traffic congestions, it’s usually a careful balance of a posh area with good roads and great connectivity.

Up high: The views from a truly luxury home should be unobstructed, clear of air pollution and present beautiful vistas that are soothing to the eyes. If it is overlooking a busy market area, a hospital or even a graveyard, you can be sure this is not a luxury apartment! A personal elevator that opens directly into the foyer of the apartment is the ultimate in opulence, making a perfect luxury home.

Quality construction: Luxury homes are built with high-quality construction materials like RCC frame structure, flame-resistant aluminum window frames and are earthquake resistant. You will also find top-grade fittings, furnishings, and accessories including high-quality vitrified tiling and top-notch modular kitchens.

Amenities: A host of ultra-modern amenities accompany luxury homes including well-lit manicured gardens, swimming pools, Jacuzzis, 24×7 security and concierge, outdoor leisure spaces, recreational centers, gazebos, party halls, mini amphitheaters, multiple parking, in fact almost every imaginable luxurious amenity will be available here!

Security: Luxury homes should not only offer 100% comfort but also 100% security. Grilled doors and windows coupled with a myriad of locks and bolts shouldn’t mar the beauty of the front doors and the inhabitants of luxury homes deserve to live a life knowing they are safe from any intrusion. The latest in surveillance cameras and motion sensors should make up part of the electronic security offered by luxury residential projects.

Neighborhood: To maintain their brand value luxury home builder’s exclusive hoes that invite the attention of the choicest few. Luxury residential projects have the bare minimum number of homes, sometimes, just one per floor – to increase their exclusivity and privacy.

Space: Luxury homes are big on space with large halls, kitchens and a minimum of three large attached bedrooms, each with balconies.