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When you move into your first home, it will most likely be a modest one. However, don’t let space constraints stop you from bringing your favorite things along as there are always creative ways to include them into smaller spaces too.

Here are some creative tips on storing everything without cluttering your apartment:

Spacious Entrance

The entrance into your home should look spacious and bright. Think in terms of an attractive storage bench to stow away shoes, schoolbags, umbrellas, etc., to free up the entrance. You could also mount a large mirror to reflect light and make your foyer look bigger.

Roomy Living Rooms

As living rooms witness a lot of traffic, why not have multi-functional furniture that allows you to store useful things and prevent clutter. Create more space by having coffee tables and ottomans with inbuilt storage spaces for stowing magazines, remotes and other knick-knacks.

Open Up Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is your private haven and should appear restful. Keep it looking neat with in-built wardrobes, drawers with organizers for the smaller things and under-bed storage for bed linen, out-of-season clothes, etc. Painting the room in light shades will also create an airy, uncluttered ambience.

Liven Up Kid’s Room

Children need space to play and store their knick-knacks. Aside from having bunk beds to free up space, consider vertical storage that’s within your child’s reach. Freeing up floor space is essential for kids and wall-mounted boards and display shelves go a long way. Stackable baskets are another great idea to stow away their things neatly.

Convenience in the Kitchen

The kitchen needs to have a lot of storage space and kitchen cabinets and drawers offer great storage options. You could also add hooks to the cabinet door and use drawer organizers for storing your zillion kitchen-related items. Affixing hook strips under your overhead cabinets is another great idea for hanging pans and other utensils and saving space.

Practical Bathrooms

Create extra storage space under the bathroom sink for storing cleaning fluids or have a wall-mounted medicine cabinet do double-duty as a bathroom mirror. Hang a shoe organizer behind the bathroom door for storing makeup, lotions or combs and save on even more space!

Hope these tips turn useful for you!