Any effort taken to cut down on energy consumption makes a difference on the environment at a global level. With world energy resources being at finite levels, there is a growing need to actively participate in energy conservation, right from the grassroot levels up. Through simple energy-saving measures, you can reduce your usage of electricity or gas, save on your bills as well as protect the environment.

There are many simple ways to use less energy, or save on energy at home. Here is a look at some ways to go about it:

Switch off

Make it a subconscious habit to switch off lights, fans and other appliances as you leave a room. You will be delighted to see a reduction in your energy consumption and electricity bills at the end of the month!

Solar energy

You could turn towards using solar-powered electrical appliances that are easily available in the market. Not only will you cut down on your energy bills, but also have lower maintenance costs.

Energy-efficient appliances

Refrigerators, geezers and cloth dryers are some of the energy-intensive appliances. Always buy those with higher star ratings as they signify higher energy efficiency. Regular maintenance of appliances will also ensure they don’t consume too much energy.

Smart devices

Smart automated devices work wonders when it comes to saving energy bills. These devices can detect when they are no longer in use and automatically switch off the power supply.

LED lights

Switching to LED lights ensures reduction in energy consumption. They look more stylish and are also more affordable and energy efficient.

Disconnect devices

Make it a subconscious habit to unplug devices when they are no longer in use. Even on standby mode, there is energy being consumed!

Keep a lid on

Another simple hack to save on energy consumption is to cook with the lid on. This way, you not only save on energy, but also cooking time and water consumption.

Wash at normal temperatures

Setting temperatures to normal while operating the washing machine significantly reduces energy usage, without affecting the quality of your washing.

There are numerous other unique hacks that you can employ to reduce your day-to-day consumption of energy – without affecting the quality of your life!