Heat which comes from the usage of electronic devices, appliances will raise your rooms temperature . Eliminating those appliances not only directly reduce the enery usage , but also keep temperature of the home lower thus reducing air conditioner usage.

TIps to Cool Your Home Naturally

Oven / stove – Cooking outdoors is a great way to reduce heat from using the stove or oven. if you prefers to cook inside, opt microwave over stove/oven which produces lesser heat .

Computer – The cooling effect of computer fan is hindered by dust,poor airflow, and poor heat transfer. So its better to check and clean your computer regularly. This will keep your computer compents to work properly and long lasting.

Clothes dryer – Using of clother dryer produces tremendous heat in home. Clothes dryer will shrink your clothes and causes damages to it . If you can,hang clothes on a line outside.Its an energy saver method.

Shower – Taking hot shower will raise the rooms temperature. Heat can be reduced by taking shortshower and open the window so as the heat to escape .

Grill – Outdoor grilling is a good option to cook and have fun. It will spare the usage of stove/oven and reduce the internal heat. Grills can be range from small to large sizes