first time home buyer tips

People are investing in homes at an increasingly younger age and moving away from the renting culture. Afterall, why line your landlord’s pocket with monthly rent when you could just as easily use it to pay monthly EMIs towards your own home!

However, a lot goes into buying a home, so here’s a look at some tips to keep in mind if you are planning to buy an apartment in Trivandrum:


Before finalizing on the type of home you want to buy or the location of that home, you will first need to check how much savings you have for the down payment and how much loan you are eligible for. Use the home loan eligibility calculator to get an idea of how much loan you can avail of. Keep your home loan tenures as short as possible as it brings down the total interest paid out. While calculating your EMIs, do ensure that you don’t spend more than 40% of your income on EMIs.


The location of your home matters a lot as it affects your day-to-day living. Your home’s location should be close to travel hubs with easy access to social infrastructure such as schools, hospitals, malls as well as your place of work. Do ensure that there are no garbage dumps, pollution-emitting industries or sources of noise pollution nearby either.

Type of Home

This depends on your family size and your budget. Most city dwellers prefer to buy apartments as they come with all the best facilities and amenities and are centrally located. You will also need to decide on the number of rooms you require, and if you are planning on expanding your family.


While the numerous amenities that come with an apartment sound exciting, you need to figure out which amenities are important for you. If you have small kids, then a play area makes sense or if you own a car, then a parking lot is important. The cost of amenities add up at the end, so select an apartment judiciously.


Choose a reputed builder with a good track record of timely project deliveries and quality constructions. When in doubt, go with ready-to-move-in apartment as you can see what you are buying!