You have spent all your free time in the past month home hunting, you finally found one in the ideal location, which fits your pocket and is what you have always wanted. You have arranged the loan, paid for it, signed on the dotted lines, and now finally, finally, the apartment is yours! What a sigh of relief! And now all that’s left between you and your dream home is the hassle of shifting in…

Things to Remember When Moving Into Your New Apartment

Moving day is one of the most exciting and one of the most stressful days that you will always remember. And the first night is amazing too as you fall into a deep exhausted sleep in your new apartment! When you look at all the stuff that you have collected over the years, you shudder at the thought of sorting through what you want to take with you and what you will need to dispose.

Shifting homes is a big hassle but if you follow some well-prepared steps, stress can be eliminated and excitement can be allowed in. A wise idea would be to start packing at least two weeks before moving day. Get enough cartons and label them with the rooms that they will eventually need to be unpacked into. This way, you just have to deposit the right cartons into the new apartments corresponding rooms for unpacking and reduce a lot of undue hassle. On the last day, pack a special carton of no-fuss packaged foods and drinks that you drop on your new kitchen counter. You and your helpers will need to keep replenishing your energies and this would be a great way of going about it without too much hassle.

After the cartons are packed and you have cleared up your rented digs, it’s time to get your stuff loaded up into a moving service. Preferably, finish making arrangements for the movers a week ahead of shifting as transportation is one of the trickiest parts of moving. Find out what the loading and unloading will cost you beforehand itself so you are well-prepared. Opt for a big truck so you don’t have to make too many trips.

Another trick would be to cozy up with your neighbors before moving in so you can be saved from any nasty surprises after moving in. Getting to know a little about your immediate neighborhood and the shops in its vicinity is also a good idea so you know how to buy your quota of fresh milk and any emergency supplies.

Before moving in, a lot of investment would have to be made in furnishing the apartment according to your needs and getting in supplies like cleaning materials and other durables starting from a welcoming front doormat down to bathroom mats and toiletries! Heavy items like fridge, washing machines, AC units, microwave oven are some of the other things that are necessary when you move in.

Hopefully you would have chosen suitable curtains beforehand itself and had them fitted before shifting in as it’s no fun having workers trampling among your half-unpacked belongings. Wi-Fi, landline telephone and cable connections are the other important things to start working on before moving in, as it’s impossible to spend a day without them!

And lastly, prepare for your house-warming party and enjoy everyone’s well-wishes!