Gadgets to Keep Home Safe

Your dream home is most likely your biggest investment and you will want to keep your apartment safe and secure. Unlike earlier days when a watchman or dog sufficed for this job, modern-day digital security is more hassle-free and just requires a visit to your electronics shop. There are numerous types of affordable smart home gadgets that can keep your home safe from miscreants and burglars. Here’s a look at some of these gadgets:

Outdoor Cameras

Your front yard and backyard are integral parts of your home and are the first point of entry by miscreants. Guarding the blind corners and general area is a priority with outdoor cameras which come in designs so trendy that burglars sometimes don’t even realize they are there!

Movement Sensors

When these gadgets detect any untoward movement in its range of vision, it sends a message to your smartphone or sets off an alarm. These sensors are ideal for both outdoor and indoor usage. Just turn the sensors on before you retire to bed!

CCTV Cameras

Also known as web cameras, they are perfect for security and surveillance purposes. With improving technology, these smart gadgets are getting smaller and more stylish by the day. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor surveillance and can be wall-mounted or simply placed on a sideboard in the guise of an art décor!

Dog Alarms

Traditionally dogs and burglars have never gone well together. This gadget works on radar and microwave technology. Upon breach of property, it triggers off an alarm which sounds very realistically like a dog barking! This will definitely send an intruder scampering.

Digital Peepholes

These peepholes go way beyond the traditional peepholes when it comes to their function. They come with an LCD screen mounted on your door which allows you to see a wider range of view, meaning that you can see visitors of all heights as well as view of the entire hallway (in apartments) or front porch (in bungalows).

Digital Locks

These smart digital locks are compatible with all smartphones and come with a pre-installed camera that allows you to view your visitor discreetly. You can even unlock the door with a tap on your phone, without even going there!