Your home is your haven and it is important to protect it from all threats- actual as well as perceived. Common threats to your house include theft, fire (through electrical and gas appliances), pest attacks, accidents, etc. With a little care and attention, most of these threats can be avoided, but unfortunately, we never seem to bother about these precautions unless faced with a mishap. Here are some home safety tips for everyone to follow;

Home Safety Tips

Fire: Faulty wiring, leaking gas appliances, old circuit breakers, are largely blamed for fires. Never leave burners un-attended when they are in use. Also keep combustible things like aerosols, oil, plastic, paper towels at a safe distance from the burner. Replace old wiring atleast once in ten years, but look for signs of a fault. Common warnings include ticklish feelings on wet walls, flickering lights, etc.

Theft: Do not store valuables in obvious places; store them in places where thieves are less likely to search. Invest in a good quality lock. Always keep car keys near your bed- this allows you to trigger the car alarm when you suspect that someone’s trying to break in. The alarm is more than likely to ward off thieves. When leaving on a vacation, try not to publicize it on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Also, stay away from bragging about your wealth on these sites. When leaving for a vacation, load your car when no one’s looking and not in broad daylight.

Pest Attacks: Keep your house free from clutter. They attract pests like rats and other rodents. Termites are also a common threat to homes. They feast on the wood and are generally in large numbers, making it very difficult for you to get rid of them. You will have to call the pest control services who will fumigate the house for you. Bed bug attacks can be controlled by disposing off the affect furnishings. You can burn them or let the pest control service personnel handle it. Pests like cockroaches can be avoided by keeping the kitchen clean. Pests like lizards can be avoided by getting rid of insects on which these reptiles feed. Personally, I think lizards do not do much harm; in fact they help us my feeding on small insects. But to those who freak out on the presence of these ugly creatures, the best way is to keep the house clean and free from insects.

Accidents: Accidents occurring inside the house may be a result of carelessness. They can be either caused by a slippery floor, broken furniture, burns caused because of hot substances like iron box, water, etc. Teach your children safety principles such as staying away from hot substances, not playing with matchstick, not playing with sharp objects like knives, not opening the door without the safety chain etc.