Smart homes are the ones that allow users to control and interact with the security video cameras, home lighting and heating in addition to the multimedia devices through a central control unit that runs a smart home software. They are a collection of ICs, connectivity devices, sensors, actuators and software that governs them.

It is an emerging technology in Kerala and Artech Realtors is planning on providing such homes to its customers in Kerala. Malayalis now prefer more security and functionality than ever because of their vast experience abroad and contacts worldwide. Because of this, a blend of architecture with modern electronics is the call of the hour.

Artech Realtors have been in the real estate arena of Kerala for a significant time now and the decision to provide smart homes is a very apt one considering the hopeless security issues emerging in the society in the recent times.

A highly reckoned construction group, Artech Realtors is famous for design and construction services and magnificent architecture. While constructing smart homes, Artech would first take the instructions from the clients. This is important because the smart systems in the houses are so varied that not all are required by an individual. It is therefore up to the customer to choose what is required and what is not.

Global semiconductor leaders have come up with technologies that can be used in system-on-chips devices. The smart home software is capable of managing the energy in your homes, control automation and security and also provide you with digital multimedia content throughout the house.

Smart home software is provided with a pre-integrated set-top box and dedicated smart home devices along with multimedia gateway devices. Smart home technology enables customers to have next-gen energy management, surveillance, home automation etc.

Smart homes are based on open standards, such as Linux, java and the like. These houses support popular digital home standards such as the Home Gateway Initiative, Universal Plug and Play and Digital Living Network Alliance. They also support all the major wireless connectivity protocols so that your devices can communicate with ease.

Smart homes are a natural progression from luxury apartments to more user and security aware ones. Home automation takes care of the time spent in say, watering the plants or opening the blinds and dimming light during day time and the like. This helps in taking the mind off those things and focusing on the things that matter the most such as studying or watching the favorite game.