Energy wastage is a huge problem in our country. In fact, a report by the energy department states that in the state of Odisha alone, out of the 3000 MW generated daily, nearly 1000MW is wasted! If this is the condition in one state, imaging how much electricity is being wasted in every nook and cranny of the country. Saving energy not only makes sense environmentally, but also financially. Here are a few ways through which every household can contribute towards the cause of energy conservation;

Energy Conservation Ideas For Your Home

Have you noticed how people plug their cell phone/electronic appliance chargers even when they’re not charging? This is probably the most unnoticed, but the most common way through which electricity is wasted. To explain it in simple words- your charger’s job is to convert AC or Alternating Current into DC or Direct Current. It also needs to tone-down the high voltage current that flows from the outlet to the much lesser voltage that your phone/electronic appliance use. Thus, even when the phone/appliance is not plugged in, the adapter or charger as we call them, are doing their job (of conversion). This wastage may be miniscule for cell phones, but assumes significance when calculating the energy consumption of other modern (albeit commonly used) gadgets like tabs, laptops, cameras etc.

Switch Off:
Energy wastage is significant for common electronic appliances like TV, blenders, home theater equipments, etc. even when they’re on standby. Teach children to switch off monitors and turn off lights even if they were to leave their desktops or their room for a few minutes.

Replace Incandescent Bulbs with LED’s:
Using LED’s instead of tube lights can reduce your monthly energy consumption almost by 30%! Tube lights light up the entire room. Instead, use spot lights that focus only on the area where you them. Even CFL’s or compact fluorescent lights can help you save up to four times of energy consumed by conventional incandescent lights.

Use Light Colored Curtains:
Light colored draperies allow light to penetrate inside the room with ease. Similarly light colored wall paints allow light to reflect better.

Replace Old Electrical Appliances with Energy Star Ones:
You are certainly being penny wise and pound foolish by not replacing your old and outdated electronic appliances with the new energy rated ones. All electrical and electronic appliances come with energy stars that indicate the gadget’s energy efficiency. The one’s that save more are naturally higher priced but they help you save money in the long run.

Stop ‘Peeking Inside’ Your Oven and Refrigerator Often:
We all have this irksome habit of opening the fridge door and keeping it so unnecessarily. Every time you do so, heat enters thereby decreasing its ability to keep things cold. Similarly, do not open the oven door unnecessarily.

These are just some of the many energy conservation ideas for homes. Share your ideas here.