A word that most people hate when it comes to owning a space is small. That is because no one likes to stay in a small space. There might be many reasons due to which you ended up owning a small space. Affordability happens to be the top most reason. Then there are some who stay in a small space, as they cannot maintain a larger space. There are some people who end up buying a small space due to the unavailability of larger space in the area that they require. Whatever be your reason for opting for a small space you would not like it if your visitors make a remark about the size of the room. You can simply make your small room look bigger by using some of the simple ideas listed below. You just have to be careful with your furniture arrangements and color selection for the room.
Room Interior

In a small space it is always better to have less furniture and stuff. Having too much stuff inside the room would maker it cramped. Get the basic furniture that you would require in the room and arrange them in such a way that you leave ample space between them.

  1. It is always better to keep the furniture in the corner of the room, as that would leave a lot of space in the middle to move around. A room would look bigger with some open space there in the middle where people can move around.
  2. While selecting the color of the room make sure that you opt for a light shade as that would make your room look wider. Dark colors would make the room look very short and cramped.
  3. Make sure that the wall color, curtain color and the furniture color all match with each other. This would make the room space look more open and wide.
  4. Provide proper lighting in the room. A room when properly lit would look much bigger. Do not use dark and heavy curtains in the room, as that would not allow the sunlight to enter the room in a proper manner.
  5. If you need to keep a partition in your room try to get a see-through partition as that would help make the room look bigger than it actually is.
  6. Always keep the room clean. A room where things are cluttered around will make the room look smaller. Hence make sure you tidy up your room time to time.