Since the time of the Indus Valley civilization, Indian architecture incorporated designs that worked with the surrounding environment. For instance in ancient India, a house was built around a central courtyard, with rooms arranged around this space, thereby allowing effective use of daylight.

Green Architecture

But thanks to a new generation of eco warriors, green architecture is making a slow but steady comeback. In fact, green home builders are much sought after professionals today and according to some estimates India has more than 1.2 billion square feet of green buildings- either being built or ready for sale. And that too pre certified by LEED! To the uninitiated, LEED refers to Leadership in Energy and Environment Design.

So what are the Benefits of owning a green home?

a) Energy Efficiency:
Windows are a very important factor in making a home energy efficient. Determining the right flow of wind and building windows accordingly ensures that there’s proper ventilation at all times. Use of French windows makes efficient use of daylight, thereby reducing energy bills. Another major factor that could drastically cut down energy bills is the use of solar water heaters. In the days of yore, the allocating of rooms was determined according to Vastu Shastra which took into account the need for natural light and air in that room. Green home builders take into account these factors to determine rooms that would need the most heating or cooling.

b) Eco Friendly Materials Help to Reduce Eco-Guilt:
Recycled metals such as aluminum and steel are very good alternatives. And they do not affect quality as well! Recycled glass is also a good material that can be put to good use in the house.

c) Roof gardens and Reflective Roofs Make your House Look Attractive:
Green roofs are a great idea to make your house look attractive. With a little help from sources like the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, you can grow anything from veggies like cauliflower, Chinese cabbages, broccoli, etc. to even fruits like mango. A good builder would include amenities to encourage the home owner in such efforts. Another idea is to make sure that perimeter drains and subsurface drains collect rain water collected on them. These can be used to water the plants.

d) Eco Paints Are Good for Children, Pets and Asthmatic Patients :
Conventional paints include hazardous products such as formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds. But eco paints make sure than VOC levels are on permitted levels.

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