Everybody loves greenery. Everybody loves the old world charm. The city of Thrissur is just that – a beautiful place to live in. But who wouldn’t like to have the most modern living amenities while living in such a historic city like this! Artech Gateway is just that. The most modern living space – at par with the current age, offering premium luxury amenities that are an integral part of modern living. The project location is only about 700 m from Swaraj Round, which is at the CBD of Thrissur. The location offers excellent shopping and also great connectivity.

Artech Gateway Thrissur

The 90s boom

The city of Thrissur is the cultural capital of Kerala and is home to numerous temples, festivals and also many prominent literature societies. Artech Gateway is our first venture in the city. The real estate industry here has been booming since the end of the 90s and the city’s population has also gone up quite a bit since. Thrissur has been fast emerging as an investor’s choice in the state, which led to a robust growth which triggered a massive wave of real estate activity.

The city got bustling!

Thrissur is a popular destination for students who take the professional entrance exam in Kerala, as the place is known for the reputed coaching centres. Thrissur is also home to 3 medical colleges, a medical university and also many engineering colleges and with this growing importance in the health and education sectors, this city which was quite laid back in the 90s got transformed into a bustling one. The boom in the real estate sector has brought in many businesses to the city in the line of construction materials, landscaping and more. Of course, the price of land has gone up in the city in the past 15 years, but that alone is not what attracts many to the apartments in the city. Many here, are attracted by the modern amenities that community living has to offer.

Artech Gateway offers units of 2 & 3 BHK ranging from 1255 sq ft to 1925 sq ft. Also houses an infinity pool, a multi-purpose hall, guest suites and many more.

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