Size is a matter of opinion and is directly related to the amount of stuff or the number of people that have to exist within that space. For a large family, 1000 sq feet might be small, but for a couple, it’s an ample amount of space. If you feel that there isn’t space within your apartment and its making you feel claustrophobic, there are a few basic things you can do to create an aura of spaciousness.

The first step is to get rid of dark colors, especially on the walls and curtains as they tend to make the overall space look even smaller. Go for pale shades of cream, light yellows or lightest pinks on your walls. This will immediately bring in a sense of space and brightness into the apartment. You could also minimize on the wall decorations as they tend to make the walls appear smaller.

The next step would be to opt for ceiling to floor length curtains as they create a sense of height and roominess into your home; and as mentioned earlier, go for light shades here too. Gold or pale beige shades look classy as well as airy on your windows. Light shades are difficult to maintain, but when you look at the advantages, you will realize it’s worth it! Now that you have finished with the larger aspects of the apartment, you can focus on other factors.

The first to think about is how to de-clutter your home and keep it functioning smoothly without creating feelings of claustrophobia. Do you really need all your large-sized furniture, especially as it takes up so much space and makes the rooms appear smaller? Opt for modern furniture pieces that have storage spaces built into them. Currently, there are beds, sofas and side stools all with beautifully concealed built-in storage spaces. These are great for tucking things away neatly without taking up extra space. You can also opt for lidded baskets and bins to store loose items. Another idea would be to go for round or oval dining tables and coffee tables as it’s easier to move around them without the edges getting in your way, especially when there is a space constraint.

When the carpet area of the apartment isn’t sufficient for your needs, try going vertical for storage of things. Shelves are a great idea, whether it’s in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or dining room. Lower shelves can be used for keeping all the daily need items while the less frequently items can be tucked away in the upper shelves. Shelves with a flap in front of it (optional) are great in the bathroom too for storing the numerous items in a neat and uncluttered manner.

In the sitting room, shelves can be used for display instead of using a cabinet, thereby freeing up more floor space. But do remember to paint the shelves in the same light shades as the wall, to create a sense of space and airiness. The TV can also be wall-mounted.

Depending on your apartment’s carpet area and needs, you can think up some other space-creating ideas too!