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Real estate has become one of the very lucrative businesses in Kerala and the sheer growth of builders and real estate business in Kerala is a testimonial to this fact. Though Kerala traditionally was a place where land acquisition was a normal affair of the people with large families, it was only during the last decades that it has propelled at a profound pace. As a result, the number of people wanting to make it big in the field has considerably increased. However, investing in real estate must be done carefully to get the returns you expect in lesser time. One of the major aspects that decide the earning capacity of real estate investment is the location of the land.

Keeping this very fact in mind we bring to you 5 best places for real estate investment in Kerala.


Kochi has always been a part of the real estate revolution that has been taking place in Kerala. As the fastest growing city in Kerala witnessing the arrival of tens of thousands of people from across the country, Kochi is always growing. And it is one of the most sought-after locations in Kerala for real estate investment. The presence of public amenities, numerous multi-national companies and exceptional transportation facilities make Kochi the hottest place for real estate investment in Kerala.


Being the capital of Kerala, Trivandrum has also been on the race to become the best and most preferred places to invest in Kerala. The very label of being the capital of one of the most developed, educated and forward-thinking states of India is perhaps the USP that makes Trivandrum an easy hub for people to invest in real estate. The presence of umpteen government and diplomatic offices, Technopark, upcoming Vizhinjam Port project will further enhance the appeal of Trivandrum for sure.

Calicut or Kozhikode

Another fast developing city of Kerala, Calicut has been making steady progress in the race becoming an exceptionally important real estate investment spot in Kerala. Being one of the largest districts in Kerala, Calicut has been preferred largely by people wanting to invest in larger real estate projects. The proposed sub-urban rail projects and the developing IT at the Thondayad Bypass are very important elements that improve the prospects of Calicut.


Though Thrissur might not boast as the fastest developing city in Kerala or of the affluence of the capital of Kerala, what makes Thrissur an exciting place to invest in the entrepreneurial spirit of the people there. Most of the businessmen and business houses of Kerala are owned by the people from Thrissur. As such, the prospects of real estate investments in Thrissur, that is about to start its transformation as the epicentre of all real estate investments, are really worth savouring on.

While these places are the best ones to invest in real estate in Kerala, making critical analyses of the projects you are going to invest in and the earning potential of the same is really crucial to avoid burning your fingers.