If you are looking for a place to settle down that’s clean, green, and peaceful and with minimal air pollution, then look no further than the coastal capital city of Kerala – Trivandrum. It’s also known as Thiruvananthapuram, which is quite a mouthful for those not used to long words! The name of the city originated from the word ‘thiru-anantha-puram’, which means the ‘City of Lord Ananta’.

Life in Trivandrum

Though Trivandrum is the political hub of the state, it is a relatively calm city that goes to sleep early. Due to high educational levels and also the presence of a number of high-ranking educational institutions here, you will find the local indigenes speaking in English and Hindi as well as the native language, Malayalam, so outsiders always find it easy to get around here.

With the coming of the IT Park, ‘The Techno Park’ not too long ago, the city is becoming inundated by people from all over the country, making Trivandrum into a multi-cultural society. The real estate industry has also benefitted quite a bit, since this insurgency of a new younger population means more homes. Apartment complexes are the new additions to the skyscape of the city with new apartment projects being announced on a regular basis. Quality homes by reliable builders like Artech Realtors are coming up and they have got numerous quality projects going up all over the city.

To cater to the entertainment needs of this younger generation, Trivandrum is finally getting many new malls too. There are numerous cultural centers like the Nishagandhi auditorium, VJT Hall, Tagore Centenary Hall and Vylopilly Samskriti Bhavan where one can enjoy live art performances. Aside from these, there are numerous cinema theatres and beaches where one can enjoy the evening. Shanghumugam beach is a popular hot spot in the evenings when people from all walks of life throng the long stretch of sand and sea in search of the beautiful sunsets and inner peace.

Since the city is not a very big one, the infrastructure and facilities are easier to manage and function optimally. You can be sure you will get a regular supply of water and electricity, two necessities for living in the city. Being the state capital and host to numerous visiting dignitaries, the roads are also maintained in excellent condition. You don’t have to worry about public transportation either, as the city bus service is excellent as well as there being an ample number of honest auto-rickshaws and private taxis. This city is comparatively safer for females here, with numerous women-friendly programs in place that cater specifically to keep its female inhabitants safe.

Over the last two years, Trivandrum has been adjudged the best city to live in by the ASICS (Annual Survey of India’s City-Systems), among 21 cities from 18 states in India. In Kerala too, Trivandrum has come out tops when compared with four other major cities within the state. On indices like pollution, transportation, cost of living, health care system, property prices and quality of life.

Why go anywhere else when a wonderful city like Trivandrum awaits you!