Lakes are natures gift to mankind; placid blue-green silent waters that bring peace and serenity to the mind stressed out from the daily humdrum of city life. Surrounded by swaying coconut trees standing guard around its waters, like ancient sentinels of years gone by, lakes are great places to picnic around on a weekend. They also make great places to just sit back and meditate and rethink out life and find peace in your soul again.

Lakes in Trivandrum

There is something about the serenity here, the quality of silence reflected in the setting sun’s last rays when day and nights come together in the primeval dance called twilight. Lakes are the ideal spots to go to for quality family time and long summer vacations fun, hobnobbing with nature at close lengths. Watching water birds in their natural environment, enjoying a boat ride or simply skimming stones across the calm surface to create a thousand sparkling ripples, there is something for everyone to do at lakesides.

In Trivandrum, the coastal capital city of Kerala state, India, along with the deep emerald greens of its abundant flora, you can get to see a lot of glimmering blues too in-between. There are numerous lakes, ponds, rivers, dams and other water bodies that keep this city alive and chirping with numerous water birds, freshwater fish as well numerous tourism activities. Some of the popular lakes that should be on your ‘must-visit’ list are the Velli Lake, Aakkulam Lake, Vellayani Lake, Avuthamkode Lake, Kadinamkulam Lake, etc.

These are all located within a short radius of the city and are great places for rejuvenation and recreational activities. The Vellayani Lake is the largest freshwater lake in the district and is located about 9 km away from the city center. A bund has been created across the lake for the purpose of a road passing through it. Its scenic suburban location affords a lot of peace and quiet to the area and you can go for silent boat rides through its crystal-clear waters dappled with sunlight and shadows.

The Veli Lake which is about 3 km from the international airport is another scenic spot where you can go for different types of boat rides, enjoy a meal on a floating restaurant or cross over the floating bridge to the golden beach and kids parks beyond. There is a natural sand bund which you can cross to get to the sea too. The tourist village located here caters to all age groups, with beautiful flower parks, multiple kids play parks, coconut grooves, sculpture garden, a fish pond, beautiful green hillocks for trekking, restaurants and neatly-paved sidewalks around the lake where you can lose yourself in the scenic beauty of the waters and the overhanging greenery.

Aakkulam Lake is close-by too and has a boat club, a vast children’s park set in the backdrop of green trees, a paddle pool as well as a swimming pool. It attracts children and adults alike during the weekends. This lake also has sidewalks going all around it, where you can enjoy a breezy evening stroll as the sun goes down over the lake.

The other lakes in Trivandrum are equally attractive, but we will talk about them another time!

Artech Lake Gardens is a premium residential complex which is located in Trivandrum amidst abundant greenery and along the serene Akkulam lakeside.