Any travel is incomplete with shopping and perhaps shopping is one of the most exciting experiences that a travel can indulge in while visiting places around the globe. For some people, shopping is an unavoidable part and parcel of the holidaying in different places. As such, when you are in Kerala, the best place to go on a shopping spree is Kochi, ‘the Queen of Arabia’.

Shopping in Kochi - Marine Drive - Artech Realtors

As the most developed and crowded city in Kerala, Kochi is constantly expanding, in terms of the number of people flocking to the city and the amenities it provides to the people. And the wide-ranging opportunities to shop here is stupefying.

Now, let us take a look at the shopping opportunities that one can make use of in Kochi.

Marine Drive

A breathtaking promenade tucked against the beautiful backwaters of Kochi is the Marine Drive and, it is also one of the most preferred hang-out spots for people of the city. The place is normally crowded with weekends observing the largest number of people. One can get anything and everything there from clothes, electronic items, handicrafts, music CDs and DVDs to leather bags, footwear and other accessories. The place is great for good bargains for everyone visiting Kochi.

The Lulu Mall

Being the biggest shopping mall in India, the Lulu Mall is more like a complete travel package and experience than just a shopping centre. The crowd, the entertainments and the kids’ recreation centre are what make the mall an exciting place to be at. The mall also is also a prized shopping location for everyone roaming the. Housing most of the acclaimed international brands along with that in India and Kerala, you will be able to get everything and anything in the Mall. The mall also houses a multiplex where you can watch most of the regional, national and international films.

The Street Shopping

Another exciting shopping experience that travellers can become a part of while in Kochi is the street shopping. With numerous vendors selling a myriad of items that will instantly attract your attention, you will be spoilt with choices of everything you need; from clothing to footwear to cosmetics to household item, there will not be anything that you can’t buy at the streets of Kochi.

Kerala Jewellery

If you are a fan of traditional Kerala jewellery, then the gold shops in Kochi are the best place to pay a visit to. With several brands with years of experience and trust, you will get everything you need. Some of the jewellery brands are Joy Alukkas, Francis Alukkas, Josco, Malabar Gold and Bheema Gold along with several others.

Traditional Kerala Clothing Shopping from Khadi Shops

One of the most striking aspects of the culture of Kerala is the clothing itself. With clothes having golden seams, designs and artworks, for anyone wanting to have a taste of Kerala clothing, there are plenty of shops to buy a few.

While these are only a sample of the shopping experience that one can have in Kochi, these are enough for anyone to grasp.

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