Vastu and Indian architecture go way back. It is a science really, and of late, it has regained its prominence and the number of Vastu experts in India has been rising, due to the increasing awareness among builders and home buyers.

The Kitchen and Vastu Compliance

Here, we have combined several aspects that are a ‘must’ when considering Vastu for your kitchen, the most crucial part of any home. According to Vastu Shastra, there are specific directions & facing for each element of the kitchen. Any altercations with regards to these can often result in a Vastu defect or the so-called ‘Vastu Dosha’.

All Artech apartments are Vastu compliant and it is needless to say that the apartment kitchen and the door is already where they are supposed to be and hence, the first two points below should be the least of your worries. However, the rest of the points mentioned here are important, as an apartment owner chooses where to place the dining table, the cooking stove etc – important aspects to get right to avoid Vastu Dosha.

The Kitchen Location

The location of the kitchen is the first and foremost aspect to look into. The southeast corner is the ‘Agni moola’ and hence, it is the best suitable spot for having the kitchen. The cooking is to be done facing the east and the kitchen must not be directly located in front of the house’s main door. The southeast is also where the Agni Bhagavan is. Experts suggest that one may build the kitchen in the northwest direction as well, because the northwest happens to be the place of Vayu Bhagavan. Agni (fire), cannot be lit without Vayu (air) and hence, the southeast and northwest corners are both ideal places for the kitchen.

If your kitchen is already placed toward the southwest corner, you can choose to elevate the floor level, attempt to always keep the door of the room closed and keep heavy items in the room. In fact, the more weight, better results. Furthermore, do remember that the kitchen must not be placed under/above the toilet, bedroom or pooja room. Make sure the bathroom or toilet does not share a common wall with the kitchen.

The Kitchen Door

Your kitchen door must open in the north, east or northeast direction in a clockwise manner.

The Cooking Stove Location

The best location to place the cooking stove is the southeast corner of your kitchen. Besides, cooking should be done by facing the east or north directions because this bestows good health in the occupants. Those using electrical stoves such as the induction cooker may place them in the southeast corner. On the other hand, if it is a gas stove, it is ideal to place it in the east facing direction. The best place for fire element, as mentioned earlier, is the southeast.

The Sink And Drinking Water Placement

The sink and drinking water should be placed in the northeast corner of the house. Heavy articles are not to be kept in the North East corner and hence, it is ideal to keep the kitchen sink & other water elements like drinking water here. Also, make sure the kitchen sinks & taps are not too near to the cooking stove. This is because water and fire don’t go together.

The Dining Table

If you are planning to have a dining table inside the kitchen, it is best to place it in the northwest direction of the room. And, while having food, you should always face towards the north or east directions, which facilitate good digestion.

We hope these Vastu tips will be of help to you. If you’d like to know more, please feel free to drop us a message!