The stay-at-home orders during the pandemic brought greater focus to home décor and this has been dictating interior design trends in 2022. Suddenly the home became the center of existence and this has been the driving force for more comfortable décor themes. Current interior décor trends are more about personality and nourishing the soul; they are expressed in the form of colors, styles and materials close to the homeowner.

Here’s a look at some of the top design trends:

Biophilic Trends

Nature-inspired décor trends are an expression of basic human needs – that is food, clothing and shelter. Biophilic décor centers around the comfort of natural elements, colors and greenery. These include use of rich wooden furnishing and décor as well as the green foliage of plants. You can create green walls with planters, hanging plants or large stand-alone plants in corners.

Color it Green

It goes without saying that green is the toast of this season too. All shades of green colors are a close link to the outdoors and are a way of bringing natures’ influence into the home’s interiors. Shades of greens have definitely taken over the popular blues.


There is a greater focus on the environment with sustainable lifestyles following close behind. People are more focused on shopping locally for their furniture, décor and accessories as they attempt to lower the carbon footprint of their home.

The Old and the New

With all the focus on sustainability, it’s hardly surprising that interior décor trends are increasingly focusing on the use of vintage furniture pieces along with more contemporary designs. Including antique furnishing not only gives a new repurposed life to vintage décor, but also allows for an interesting blend of the old and the new within the same space.

Curved Lines

Geometric and angular styles are finally giving way to more curved and softer lines in architecture and furnishing; and can be traced to a growing need for greater comfort and calming forms.

Home Office

Even though offices have opened up again post-pandemic, many people are still opting to work from home. For this, people are designing a dedicated home office space within their homes too.

Many of these interesting trends are expected to go beyond 2022 also!